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Advertiser Disclosure

At SlotsPeak, we endeavor to provide our readers with player-focused reviews and recommendations for both slots and casino bonus offers that we’ve produced independently to assist you with all the information and enable you to make correct financial decisions. That’s why our analyses are free for everyone and offer you support, as our goal is to promote responsible gambling.

Our Goals and Advertising Guidelines

The efforts we put into delivering top-notch slot content to our numerous followers are unmatched by any other. We work towards providing you information that’s independently sourced by our experts and regularly audited by our editors. This is to ensure that new information is added as soon as it is available. Furthermore, our content is only available to individuals who are 18+ years free of charge. 

As you would have noticed, our content is independent as we do not allow any form of external intervention such as those from online gambling platforms. We accomplish this by prohibiting advertising and not allowing gambling websites to feature in exchange for payment on our platform. Additionally, we don’t accept guest blog posts or articles from external influencers for monetary gains or another form of reward like backlinks. 

Integrity of Our Reviews, Ratings, and Collaborations

We pride ourselves as top professionals, and we’re committed to truthfulness, as we only publish facts that are accurate and clear. All our publications have been thoroughly researched and double-checked by our editorial team to authenticate all the information. Furthermore, we are always open to disclosing our sources and methodologies. Additionally, when you find a piece of outdated data in any of our publications, we are open to corrections as long as we can verify it.

When it comes to rating the games and offers we review, we employ standardized criteria to ensure we’re consistent. For the sake of transparency, we explain our rating system, how we reached our conclusions, and what each rating represents. All the criteria we employ are open to everyone because we’ve nothing to hide.

By collaborating with our tested and trusted affiliate partners, we can generate revenue. However, you should know that our affiliated partners have zero contribution to our reviews and ratings. Furthermore, we don’t collaborate with any casinos, as we only work with them when they have an active affiliate program. 

Keeping Our Platform Accessible and Free

When you use our platform or any of our services, you are not required to pay a fee, as it’s absolutely free and accessible to individuals who are 18+ years old. None of the casinos we name are any of our articles paid to appear on our site. Rather, if we find great casinos that are qualified to be named on our platform, we set the ball rolling by checking to see if they offer affiliate partnerships. If they do, we then propose a mutually beneficial partnership. This is the option we opt for rather than permitting advertisement on our website. 

Our Approach to Advertising and Monetization

One thing that stands out is that we have zero tolerance for paid advertising. Instead, we monetize by partnering with verified casinos that offer affiliates a revenue share program. The affiliate payments we receive from these collaborations are enough to run our operations and leave us with considerable profits.

The links to our affiliates work exactly as others. When you click them, you’ll be directed to the casino and the platform will recognize you as coming from SlotsPeak, and we can get paid either per click, per spin, per user, or per registration. 

Balancing Editorial Independence with Affiliate Relationships

For a completely independent review site like SlotsPeak, you might wonder how we strike a balance without compromising our qualities. In creating our articles, our expert writers have no affiliation with the casino and have no idea if it is a platform we have an affiliate relationship with. Because we are not in a commercial relationship with all casinos, we suggest. If we believe you offer something unique and valuable to our readers, or famous, our writers will conduct a review. 

With these, we’re able to balance our relationships while remaining fully independent and ensuring every piece of information we provide for the consumption of our readers is not influenced by any casino we’re affiliated with.