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How Ratings Work

You might have been wondering what indicators we use in rating the online slots we review, the processes involved in publishing our top-notch content, and how we keep them objective at all times. It’s not an easy task, but we have the best team of professional writers and editors. Apart from that, we incorporate the latest tools to ensure our reviews aren’t included by those we partner with.

Our Review Process

You will marvel if you know the amount of work hours that goes into the production and publishing of one of our reviews. Although the process involved is simple, it is however tough and allows our maestros to quickly discover top slots at a glance. During the process of carrying out a review, we follow strict guidelines that make it possible for us to bring you the independently sourced, trustworthy, and accurate information you need. 

Below, we’ve provided the strict criteria we look for when rating slot games.

  • Special features – We check out for perks like in-game offers like bonus rounds and free spins, additional fun features like megaways, tumble, or cascading, and consider how easy you can activate them.
  • RTP and volatility – Slots RTPs differ, and their volatility signifies how big and often the payout will be.
  • Maximum & minimum bets – Players’ budgets and styles are different, and a decent slot machine must provide a fair range between its minimum & maximum stake.
  • Theme – We look at the unorthodox nature and creativity of the theme. Games with innovative styles get higher ratings.
  • Sound and design – A top-rated slot ought to be pleasing to both the eyes and ears, with soothing graphics and pleasant sound effects that match the gameplay.
  • Originality – With stiff competition in the industry, we always reward games with new, exciting, and innovative mechanics. 
  • Playability and safety – It all comes to the ease of playing the game. It has to be smooth, fun, and fair. Moreover, only games that are licensed and with verified RNG audit checks are reviewed by our experts. 

Rating Scale Explained

Using a point system and depending on how each game fairs based on the criteria listed above, we score each criterion between 0-5. Then, we get the average to rank the slot into our 5-point rating. Once you familiarize yourself with our rankings, you’ll be able to understand how the game fair’s within our grading system.

Here are the 5 different ranks we have

  • Perfect: 5
  • Excellent: 4.0 – 4.9
  • Good: 3.0 – 3.9
  • Average: 2.0 – 2.9
  • Poor: 0 – 1.9

Here is a further breakdown of the ranks available on SlotsPeak. 

  • Perfecting rating (5) – This is the perfect score and is only possible if the game gets a perfect score of 5 in all the criteria we look into. Furthermore, the options that receive top marks from us are fair and safe to play. However, remember to always incorporate your responsible gaming plan, as slots playing and any form of online casino gambling is a recreational activity.
  • Excellent rating (4.0-4.9) – Games that score decently in the areas we inspect can fall under this category. They are not perfect as they might lack a few of the indices we require, but they are an exceptional choice we still recommend. 
  • Good rating (3.0-3.9) – With the games we rate as good, you can still play them, as this is a decent score. However, our experts found something missing, and they didn’t give it a stellar rating. 
  • Average rating (2.0-2.9) – Games that fall within this category are not bad games for you to play, but we believe they could offer more in terms of overall experience. They have a lot more to add to rank better.
  • Poor rating (0-2.9) – These are games we believe you should totally stay away from. This may be due to poor security, theme, and overall gameplay. What’s more, the terms might be unclear, or they have poor payout records. 

Our Expert Review Team

The collection of top industry professionals who conduct our writing and editorial tasks at SlotsPeak have a great experience and track record in slots and online casino gambling. The information they provide to the customer on our platform is top-notch and thoroughly researched, giving their expertise and honest opinions. Having a cumulative experience of several decades, our team has first-hand knowledge of all things online slots-related. They have hands-on knowledge about the mechanics, features, and RTP percentages of the games and ensure each review is detailed and full of integrity.

Ensuring Transparency and Trust

As we have already said, all the reviews we publish on SlotsPeak are totally independent, written by professional writers, and fact-checked by our editors to ensure they meet our standard requirements before they are published. We strive to provide you with details regarding slot titles, and you will find information such as the RTP, volatility, themes, features, bonuses, and many more in each of our publications.

That’s why our readers can trust us because we don’t allow our affliction with any casino to interfere with our reviews. We are fully dedicated to a transparent process that any customer can verify. And ultimately, we advocate for responsible gambling and every one of our reviews showcases several options to support you.

Protecting Players from Untrustworthy Casinos

After conducting all the necessary checks, we ensure to only list platforms and games that are verified. From our ratings, you will be able to view options that are of poor quality at untrustworthy websites. This is why we take on the task of delivering you the most accurate reviews that are carried out independently with every ounce of transparency. The submissions we make are objective and relatable for every reader. 

We don’t receive payment from any platform, and we are willing to fish out casinos with shady characters such as poor customer service, low game quality, limited or irregular bonus offers, and many others just to protect you. 


When reviewing online casino slots, what factors do you consider?
Our team of experts checks several criteria when reviewing online casino slots, some of them include, theme, mechanics, minimum and maximum bet, RTP, volatility, special features, originality, and player safety.
How does an online slot secure a perfect score in SlotsPeak review?
For a game to receive a perfect score from us, it must have the highest score in all the categories under review. Scoring the highest in theme, originality, bet ranges, and every other criterion. 
Who constitutes the expert team at SlotsPeak?
Our team consists of professional writers and editors with many decades of first-hand experience in the world of iGaming including slots. They use their expertise to make unbiased and informative comments and conclusions to help you play safely and responsibly. 
How can I find a poor online slot game?
When you read our honest review to see that a game rates poorly (between 0 – 1.9), you should know that after our team of professionals tested and analyzed the game, it didn’t meet the standards that are required, and we strongly advise you to stay away from such games.
Can I trust SlotsPeak review? Are they unbiased? 
You can trust every word in our review as they are created by industry professionals for information purposes. Moreover, we do not accept monetary payments or any other form of payment to promote any game or casino. This allows us to speak objectively without restraints.