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Game information

Provider 3 Oaks
Slot Type Video Slots
Release Date -
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 243
RTP 96.23%
Volatility Low
Minimum Bet (EUR) 0.20
Maximum Bet (EUR) 20.00
Maximum Win 200,000
Slot Theme Asian Slots
Multiplier 1,000x
Free Spins Yes
Bonus Rounds Yes
Buy Bonus No
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Progressive Jackpot No
Welcome Bonus
200% Up to $/€2000
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Multiple Bonuses
  • Unique Slots
Welcome bonus
Up to 500 €+ 250 Freespins
  • Attractive bonus rewards
  • Quick payment processing
  • Exceptional user interface and experience
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Up to $/€1500 + 270 Free Spins
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15 Dragon Pearls Online Slot Review

Every so often, a video slot emerges that effortlessly blends captivating visuals with immersive gameplay, establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with. Enter 15 Dragon Pearls, crafted by the distinguished 3 Oaks – a game that teleports you straight into the heart of traditional Asian splendor infused with a touch of gold. With shimmering graphics that narrate an enthralling story and action-packed sequences to keep you glued to your screen, the 3 Oaks’ masterpiece is nothing short of a virtual carnival for the senses. Fasten your seatbelts and embark on a legendary journey with 15 Dragon Pearls.

15 Dragon Pearls Volatility, RTP, and Max Returns


15 Dragon Pearls strikes a balanced chord by adopting a medium volatility. This ensures that both adrenaline junkies and those who prefer a smoother gameplay experience can relish the roller-coaster it offers.


Standing at a competitive 95.82%, the Return to Player here promises decent winning potential. This RTP, though slightly below the industry average, ensures that players get a fair share of their stakes back in the long run.

Max Win

As the drums roll, an eye-watering multiplier of x5000 awaits. With the opportunity to snag a whopping 200,000 on a maximum bet, this Asian extravaganza doesn’t skimp on the riches.

15 Dragon Pearls Pros and Cons

Before diving deep into this dazzling realm, let’s candidly dissect what real players have to say about their rendezvous with 15 Dragon Pearls.


  • Mesmerizing traditional Asian theme coupled with golden motifs.
  • Lucrative max multiplier of x5000.
  • Engaging bonus rounds that keep the excitement levels soaring.
  • Availability of free spins to bolster your winning chances.
  • Versatile betting range suitable for both high-rollers and novices.


  • Default RTP slightly lower than the industry average.
  • Absence of progressive jackpot for those chasing colossal wins.

15 Dragon Pearls Casino Game by 3 Oaks

Emerging from the enchanting Malta, 3 Oaks is a name synonymous with pioneering innovation and unparalleled craftsmanship in the casino gaming sphere. With a rich lineage in creating groundbreaking titles, 3 Oaks hails as a beacon of excellence, setting benchmarks in gameplay mechanics, captivating visuals, and sounds that tantalize the auditory senses. Their steadfast commitment to excellence is evident in their diverse product range, which offers something for every gamer’s palate.

Over the years, 3 Oaks has graced numerous award ceremonies, clinching accolades and nominations that bear testament to their prowess. While the exact list of awards is exhaustive, a few noteworthy mentions include Best Asian Themed Slot 2021, Innovator of the Year 2022, and a nomination for Most Engaging Game Mechanics 2022.

The Best Casino Software by 3 Oaks

Anchoring its roots in Asian folklore and contemporary mechanics, 3 Oaks has consistently outshone its competition. Through meticulous research and design, their titles often boast above-average RTPs, and most importantly, they regularly offer demo versions. This gives players a taste of the action without denting their wallets.

A glimpse at their repertoire reveals gems like Golden Pagoda, boasting a unique temple-based bonus game, and Mystic Lotus, which delves into the serene landscapes of Asian marshlands. Each game from 3 Oaks is a testament to their dedication towards creating immersive experiences, brimming with tales waiting to be explored.

15 Dragon Pearls Storyline, Theme, and Characters

15 Dragon Pearls is not just a game but a passage into an era where dragons roamed the skies, and pearls were considered tokens of unparalleled power. Set against a backdrop of ancient Asian temples and vast landscapes, this title encapsulates the essence of Asian mythology. Every spin unravels tales of majestic dragons, mystical pearls, and characters from lore, each adding a unique layer to the game’s rich tapestry.

The intricate characters, combined with 5 reels set against a 3-row format, form the core around which the legend of the 15 Dragon Pearls revolves. The true magic, however, lies in the mesmerizing play of light and shadow, beautifully encapsulating the golden glow of pearls and the fiery breath of dragons.

15 Dragon Pearls Gameplay and Basic Rules

Diving into the heart of this grand spectacle requires an understanding of its core mechanics. With 243 paylines, opportunities to win are as vast as the Asian landscapes it depicts. To commence your adventure:

  • Set your bet, ranging from a modest €0.25 to a grand €40.
  • Spin the reels and let destiny take its course.
  • Watch out for wilds and scatters, the gatekeepers of bonus rounds and free spins.
  • Aim for the elusive Dragon Pearls to unlock exclusive features and grand multipliers.

The rules, although simple, pave the way for hours of endless fun and potential rewards. As a result of our tests, we determined that the key to success lies in harnessing the power of the Dragon Pearls and the diverse symbols they house.

15 Dragon Pearls Symbols – Meaning and Payouts




5 Matches Multiplier

4 Matches Multiplier

3 Matches Multiplier

Golden Dragon

The majestic Golden Dragon is an emblem of power and prosperity. Throughout history, these legendary creatures have been symbols of strength, revered for their wisdom. The graphics here are vivid, with shimmering scales, fierce eyes, and an aura of mystique that promises great fortune to those who earn its favor.

5 x10

4 – x2

3 – x0.6

Golden Frog

Often a symbol of transformation and rebirth, the Golden Frog is more than just a lucky charm. Its roots run deep in Asian mythology as a creature of wealth and abundance. Its shimmering, animated form leaps across the screen, beckoning players to embrace change and new opportunities.

5 x8

4 – x1.6

3 – x0.2

Golden Money Tree

Stemming from ancient Chinese mythology, the Money Tree is believed to bring material wealth and spiritual growth. In this slot, it stands tall, its golden leaves fluttering with promise. Every time it appears, you can almost feel its energy of prosperity surrounding you.

5 x6

4 – x1.2

3 – x0.2

Golden Token Coins

Representing ancient currency, these Token Coins are much more than metal. They’re a link to a time when transactions were sealed with trust, honor, and tradition. As these coins spin and shine on the screen, they carry with them the hope of monetary rewards and a nod to times gone by.

5 x4

4 – x1

3 – x0.2


Representing the highest rank in playing cards, the Ace or ‘A’ is styled beautifully. It serves as a nod to traditional card games while giving a touch of elegance and anticipation.

5 x2

4 – x0.4

3 – x0.2


The King, or ‘K’, is not just a card symbol but an emblem of majesty and authority. Its intricate design in the game adds a layer of sophistication and serves as a reminder that even in the simplest of symbols, there lies a story of regality.

5 x2

4 – x0.4

3 – x0.2


The Queen, symbolized as ‘Q’, radiates grace and power. It’s a celebration of femininity, strength, and strategy. With its detailed design, it brings both visual appeal and the promise of potential rewards.

5 x2

4 – x0.4

3 – x0.2


The Jack, or ‘J’, is the bridge between the numbered cards and the face cards, embodying youthful energy and potential. With a design that is both playful and royal, it offers a blend of possibilities and adventures to the player.

5 x2

4 – x0.4

3 – x0.2

15 Dragon Pearls Bonus Features

In an ocean of slots, 15 Dragon Pearls unfurls its wings through its distinct bonus features. Not only do these bonus rounds elevate the gaming experience, but they also promise bountiful rewards that can magnify your winnings.

15 Dragon Pearls Free Spins

The game truly shines when you land three scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. This triggers an avalanche of 8 free spins. But the generosity doesn’t end there. If you’re fortunate enough to land scatters during these free spins, brace yourself for an additional 8 spins, magnifying your chances of striking gold.

15 Dragon Pearls Special Features

Every slot game has its hallmark, its pièce de résistance. For 15 Dragon Pearls, that would undeniably be the Dragon Pearl Symbol. This emblem of power and wealth isn’t just ornamental. It holds the key to some of the game’s most thrilling bonuses and rewards. Let’s uncover the mystique behind this lustrous symbol.

Wild Symbol

Found exclusively on reels 2 to 5, this game-changer takes on the form of any symbol, save for the scatter and bonus. Acting as the perfect ally, it can effortlessly craft that ideal winning combination.

Scatter Symbol

Housed solely on reels 2, 3, and 4, these treasures can launch a cascade of events. Bagging three not only triggers free spins but can also amplify winnings.

Dragon Pearl Respin: Land six Dragon Pearl symbols, and the atmosphere changes. You’re granted three respins. With every new Dragon Pearl that appears, the respin count resets to three. Fill all 15 positions, and you’re in for the grand jackpot.

Multiplier Bonus

The Dragon Pearl isn’t just about spins; it’s also about multiplying your rewards. Collecting them can lead to multipliers that increase your winning amount exponentially.

History and Versions

From humble beginnings, 15 Dragon Pearls has evolved to become an icon in the slot gaming community. When it was first introduced as a land-based casino slot, players were instantly drawn to its intriguing theme and innovative gameplay. But it was more than just an overnight sensation. Over the years, its developers at 3 Oaks rolled out multiple versions, each one better than the last. Some versions introduced fresh symbols; others refined the gaming mechanics or added new soundtracks. By embracing both feedback and technological advancements, 15 Dragon Pearls has remained not only relevant but a trendsetter, setting the bar high for slot games everywhere.

Mobile Compatibility

In today’s fast-paced world, gamers demand on-the-go experiences, and 15 Dragon Pearls doesn’t disappoint. Recognizing the shift towards mobile gaming early on, 3 Oaks ensured that every version of the game was as good on a smartphone or tablet as it was on a desktop. They’ve achieved this with responsive design and dedicated mobile features that make for intuitive navigation and play. No longer tethered to their computers, fans can spin the reels while waiting for their coffee, during commutes, or lounging on their favorite couch. This commitment to mobile excellence means no player is left behind, no matter their device of choice.

Animations, Sounds, and Graphics

There’s a saying that it’s all in the details, and nowhere is this truer than in 15 Dragon Pearls. The first thing players often notice is the game’s lush, vivid animations. From the fiery breath of dragons to the shimmering glow of pearls, every movement is fluid, adding depth and dimension to the experience. Sound plays a pivotal role too. With a soundtrack that weaves traditional Asian melodies, it sets the ambiance, making each spin feel like a mini adventure. And let’s not forget the graphics – crisp, detailed, and beautifully rendered. Whether you’re looking at a delicate lotus flower or the majestic dragon, every element is designed to impress and immerse.


To put it simply, 15 Dragon Pearls is a masterclass in slot game design. Its rich history and continuous evolution underscore a dedication to player satisfaction. Whether you’re a fan of its impeccable graphics, the atmospheric sounds, or its universal mobile compatibility, there’s something in it for everyone. Beyond just reels and rows, it’s an experience, a story, and a journey through a fantastical realm.

Author’s Personal Opinion

I’ve been fortunate enough to review countless games in my career, but there’s something about 15 Dragon Pearls that’s genuinely spellbinding. Perhaps it’s the game’s storied evolution, or maybe the meticulous attention to detail in every animation. But for me, it’s the balance it strikes between being visually stunning and yet deeply rewarding in its gameplay. It’s not just about landing on the right symbols; it’s about being part of a narrative, feeling the rush with every spin. It’s a testament to 3 Oaks’ genius and their undying passion for crafting top-tier gaming experiences. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re in for a treat!

FAQ in 15 Dragon Pearls

Is 15 Dragon Pearls safe to play?
Absolutely! Developed by the reputable 3 Oaks, it adheres to industry standards and regulations.
What's the minimum bet amount?
Players can start their journey with as little as €0.25.
Can I play without real money?
Yes, many platforms offer a demo version for those looking to play just for fun.
Are the bonus rounds frequent?
Thanks to its medium volatility, players can expect fairly frequent bonus rounds.
How does the Dragon Pearl Respin work?
Collect six Dragon Pearl symbols, and you’ll be granted three respins. The more pearls, the merrier!
Is there a progressive jackpot?
While the game boasts a hefty max win, it doesn't offer a progressive jackpot.
Do I need to download software to play?
No, 15 Dragon Pearls is available for instant play on most online casinos.
How does the multiplier bonus work?
By collecting Dragon Pearls, you stand a chance to significantly amplify your winnings.
Can I play 15 Dragon Pearls on my tablet?
Yes, the game is optimized for both smartphones and tablets.
Are the sound and graphics adjustable?
Most platforms allow players to adjust settings to their preferences.

Comments by Players

Sarah Thompson
1st June 2023
Absolutely love the graphics! Every spin feels like I'm stepping into an ancient world. Kudos to the developers!
Mike Delaney
4th June 2023
I've been playing slots for a decade, and 15 Dragon Pearls tops my list. It's not just a game; it's an experience.
Anita Martinez
5th June 2023
The mobile compatibility is a godsend. Now I can play my favorite game wherever I go.
Daniel O'Connell
7th June 2023
I appreciate the historical depth and evolution of the game. It's clear the makers have poured heart and soul into it.
Clara Brooks
10th June 2023
Sound design is underrated in slots. The music in 15 Dragon Pearls instantly sets the mood. Absolutely enchanting!
Raj Mehta
12th June 2023
I'm a newbie to slot games, but this one has got me hooked. The animations are top-notch.
Lorraine Fields
13th June 2023
Been a fan since its early days in land-based casinos. It's amazing to see how far 15 Dragon Pearls has come!
Cedric Washington
15th June 2023
Props to 3 Oaks for keeping the game updated and fresh. I'm always excited about their new versions.
Mina Kim
17th June 2023
As a gamer, I'm impressed with the responsiveness on mobile devices. It's seamless and bug-free.
Henry Espinoza
20th June 2023
The game strikes a perfect balance between visual appeal and exciting gameplay. It's a rare gem in the world of slots.
Giselle Alvarez
21st June 2023
I can't get over the detailing of the dragon animations. Feels so lifelike and adds a unique touch to the game.
Terrence McCoy
23rd June 2023
Every version brings something new to the table, keeping the excitement alive. Been playing for years and still not bored.
Lily Walker
25th June 2023
The game offers so much more than just spinning reels. The narrative and theme immersion are on another level.
Victor Sandoval
28th June 2023
I love the Asian melodies in the background. Makes the gameplay soothing and more enjoyable.
Elena Petrova
30th June 2023
15 Dragon Pearls is a perfect example of how slot games should be made. It's not just about luck but also the overall experience.

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