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Low Volatility Slots

In the fun and fast-paced world of slot games, it’s important to understand the main ideas. One term you’ll often see is volatility. This is a big part of what makes each slot machine unique and interesting to play. You should have heard of low volatility slots. These are a special kind of casino activities that are fun for everyone, no matter what their level of experience is. This article gives you a deep understanding of what it is all about.

Volatility, also known as variance, tells us about the risk level of a slot machine. It gives an idea of how often and how big the wins can be. There are usually three kinds of volatility: high, medium, and low. Slots with low volatility give out wins more regularly, but the wins are smaller. On the other side, slot machines with high volatility don’t win typically, but when they do, the wins are bigger.

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Low volatility slot machines are designed to give out wins more regularly, even if the wins aren’t enormous. They’re less risky than high volatility slots. This means you’re more likely to win, but you won’t win big amounts of real money.

Low volatility is great for a certain type of player. They’re perfect for gamblers who don’t have a lot of money to play with, or people who like to play for a long time without worrying about losing a lot of money quickly. They’re also great for beginners who are just starting to explore the world of casino games.

Try it now and decide in your opinion whether this type of slot is for you or not. Don’t miss the chance to hit big winnings and choose your preferred way to do it!

What Is Low Volatility in Slots?

Volatility influences the risk level of the win and lose that the player takes. It provides insight into the frequency and size of potential payouts. Video slots can be classified as low, medium, or high volatility, depending on the game’s original characteristics.

Low Volatility Slots

When a slot machine is described as having low volatility, it means the game tends to pay out smaller prizes more frequently. While it might not offer the allure of huge jackpots features, low volatility slots offer more consistent returns.

Think of it as a more cautious approach to playing slots. With low volatility, you won’t see your balance plummet drastically because the wins come more frequently. However, these wins will mostly be smaller amounts, preserving your balance over a longer period of playing process.

In low variance slots, you’ll find that you’ll hit winning combinations more often compared to high volatility slots. The advantage in this type of activity comes from the continuous stream of smaller wins that keeps every visitor engaged and allows for extended play sessions.

This consistent flow of winnings means you can enjoy the game without the pressure of quickly depleting your bank account. It makes for a more relaxed, less risky process, which is perfect for players who prefer a steady, somewhat predictable course of play online.

How Does the Volatility of a Slot Machine Measure?

Slots are a cornerstone of any online casino. As an attractive, flashy, and often lucrative form of gambling, they lure in countless players with the promise of big wins. But before you start feeding coins into these machines or clicking the spin button on your screen, you have to understand a vital component of slot machines like volatility.

It’s an important question: how to determine a slot machine’s volatility? Have to say that it’s not as simple as ticking a box or reading statistics from the slot maker. They don’t typically share this info, adding a hint of mystery and gamble to the game just for fun. There are few ways to get this information.

List of Low Volatility Slots

  • Play the slot
    One method is just to play the slot. Pay attention to how frequently you win and how much you win. If you win a lot, but the prizes are small, it’s low volatility slot machines. If you win less regularly, but the prizes are big, it’s a high volatility slot.
  • Look at the paytable
    The paytable can give you a hint about a slot’s volatility. If the slot has big jackpots, it’s probably a high volatility slot.
  • Search online
    Many websites and forums about casinos have lists and reviews that talk about slot volatility. Players share their experiences and gather info about different slots.
  • Know RTP (Return to Player)

While it’s not a direct measure, RTP can give a tip about a slot’s volatility. High volatility slots often have a lower RTP because they balance out with big but rare wins.

Getting a handle on slot machine volatility can improve your gaming. It’s all about strategy, managing your funds, knowing your risk level, and a little luck can lead to a successful and fun slot gaming session.

Low Volatility Slots Features

Frequent Payouts

Low variance slots are designed to deliver frequent but smaller wins. This means players have a higher probability of hitting a winning combination on any given spin. These slots help maintain the player’s bank accounts and offer an extended playtime without making significant losses.

Low Volatility Slot Machines

Lower Risk

By nature, these games are less risky than their high volatility counterparts. This is because the mathematical models underpinning these games spread the risk over a larger number of spins. Therefore, gamblers are less likely to experience long dry spells without any wins.

Smaller Jackpots

While it’s not a strict rule, low volatility slots often have smaller jackpots compared to high volatility slots. These games typically don’t offer multimillion-dollar jackpots but rather focus on smaller and more attainable prizes.

Bonus Features

Many slots come with an array of bonus features such as free spins, multipliers, or special wild symbols. These bonus features not only make the game more entertaining, but also increase the chance of small, consistent wins.

Great for Wagering Requirements

Due to the frequent payouts, slots with low volatility are perfect for meeting wagering requirements set by online casinos. If you are trying to clear a bonus, these slots can be the best bet.

Best Low Volatility Slots

Here is the list of the best low volatility slots in 2023. Choose your favorite game and start now to win real money.


Crafted by NetEnt, Starburst is one of the best low-risk online games. This gem-themed, brightly colored slot machine features five reels and three rows. It boasts a return to player rate of 96.09%, making it great for beginners and veterans alike. Ten paylines and a high hit rate reduce the chance of losses.

Finn and the Swirly

This distinctive slot machine, also by NetEnt, stands out with its spiral layout. Finn and the Swirly has an RTP rate of 96.62% and its gameplay revolves around unearthing treasure hidden behind the rainbow. As one of the lowest volatility slots with five reels and five rows, it offers a slew of appealing features, such as bonuses and wilds.

Emerald Smash

Emerald Smash, a lavish slot machine by Inspired Gaming, has five reels and three rows. It has a high RTP rate of 96.5% and 30 paylines. This emerald-themed game gives players a shot at winning the grand Emerald Smash Bonus. It includes user-friendly options like left-hand mode, turbo, and demo mode.

Gorilla Go Wilder

Brought to you by NextGen Gaming, Gorilla Go Wilder is an excellent slot loaded with eye-catching graphics and bonus features. This low-risk game with a journey theme offers five reels and three rows. Join Gorilla Garry on an island adventure, and collect bonus symbols such as toucans, skunks, and monkeys to trigger additional rounds. Its Caribbean soundtrack, HD visuals, and animations make it one of the low variance slots.

The Hive

Developed by Betsoft, The Hive is a five-reel, five-row online slot with 30 paylines. Try a world of honey bees, discover beehives, and find various bonuses and multipliers to increase your winnings. When the Bee Drone appears, you can activate free spins.

Why is Volatility Important in Slot Machines?

Volatility, also known as variance, describes how often and how much a slot pays out. It’s like the slot’s personality. Understanding the concept of volatility in slots is key to choosing the right game for your playing style. If you enjoy slow and steady wins, or if you’re chasing massive jackpots, the slot’s volatility will significantly impact your gameplay.

Best Low Volatility Slots

In other words, knowing a slot’s volatility can help you make an informed decision when selecting a slot game that suits you best. It’s like reading the game’s blueprint before you start playing. Also, if you’re planning to play low volatility slot machines, it’s handy to understand wagering requirements. These are specific conditions set by the casino that you need to meet before you can withdraw any winnings. So, be sure to check out these requirements to avoid any surprises later on.

Low variance slots have a variety of prizes, from small wins to massive payouts and bonuses. If you score a combination with high odds, you’ll win more. For example, a prize that only comes up once in 500,000 spins will give you much more than a prize that shows up every 1,000 spins. It’s these big payouts that make slots so thrilling, but they also make the game more unpredictable.

When picking video slots, you should think about this unpredictability. If you have a big balance, short-term unpredictability might not bother you too much. But if you’re trying to make a smaller balance last longer, then you might want to opt for a less unpredictable slot machine. This will give you more frequent wins and help you stay in the game longer.

Low Variance Slot Machines FAQ

What Are Low Volatility Slots?
It is casino games designed with a high frequency of winning spins, but the wins are typically smaller. They are deemed like low risk, as the chance to lose a substantial amount of money in a short period is low.
How does the volatility of a slot machine affect my gameplay?
The volatility of a slot machine determines the risk involved in the game. With low volatility slots, you can expect frequent but smaller wins, which means you can play for a longer duration with the same amount of money.
Is Low Volatility Better than High Volatility?
The 'better' option depends on your personal preference. If you prefer longer gaming sessions with frequent smaller wins, and less risk, then a low volatility slot may be a better choice. However, if you prefer taking risks for a chance at massive payouts, high volatility slots might be more appealing.
Can I Win Big with Low Volatility Slot Machines?
Yes, you can win big, but the occurrences are rarer compared to smaller wins. These slots are designed for frequent smaller payouts, so big wins tend to be the exception, not the rule.
How Can I Identify Low Volatility in Slots?
A game's volatility isn't always advertised, but you can determine it by playing the game and observing the payout frequency and sizes, reading reviews, or checking the game's information on casino websites. Typically, slots with smaller jackpots and frequent bonus rounds are low volatility.
Is this Type Suitable for Newcomers?
Absolutely. Low variance slots are great for beginners due to their lower risk and frequent payouts. They allow new players to enjoy the thrill of winning often while they learn the ins and outs of slot machines. You can start with no download slots to practice your skills and understand what you prefer.
What Strategies Work Best for Low Volatility Slots?
Since low volatility games pay out more frequently, a common strategy is to start with a larger bankroll and increase your bet amount gradually. This can maximize your wins while keeping the risks relatively low.
Are Low Volatility Games More Enjoyable?
Enjoyment is subjective and depends on personal preferences. If you enjoy the thrill of frequent wins, even if they're smaller, then you'd likely find top low volatility casino activities more enjoyable.
Are there any famous low volatility slot machines?
Some famous ones include Starburst, Blood Suckers, and Thunderstruck II. These games are known for their frequent payouts and exciting bonus features.
Can I Play Slots on My Mobile Device?
Yes, most modern slot games, including low volatility ones, are designed using HTML5 technology, which makes them compatible with all modern mobile devices.

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