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Game information

Provider 3 Oaks
Slot Type Video Slots
Release Date -
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 10
RTP 96.75%
Volatility Low
Minimum Bet (EUR) 0.01
Maximum Bet (EUR) 10.00
Maximum Win 500,000
Slot Theme Asian Slots
Multiplier 5,000x
Free Spins Yes
Bonus Rounds Yes
Buy Bonus Yes
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Progressive Jackpot No
Welcome Bonus
200% Up to $/€2000
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Multiple Bonuses
  • Unique Slots
Welcome bonus
Up to 500 €+ 250 Freespins
  • Attractive bonus rewards
  • Quick payment processing
  • Exceptional user interface and experience
Welcome Bonus
Up to $/€1500 + 270 Free Spins
  • No Deposit Bonus
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3 Coins Online Slot Review

Diving into the world of online slots, one often stumbles across the ordinary, the mundane. Yet, every so often, a gem shines through the clutter, and 3 Coins by 3 Oaks is precisely that gem. Enveloped in the classic, coins, and gems theme, this game will not only remind you of the golden age of slots but also usher you into a modern, action-packed gameplay. With its vivid graphics and thrilling ambiance, 3 Coins is no regular spinner – it’s an experience!

3 Coins Volatility, RTP, and Max Returns


The low volatility of this title might raise eyebrows for high rollers, but don’t be fooled. A lower volatility generally means smaller, but more frequent wins. This can be an advantage, ensuring that players get to enjoy a sustained gaming session.


With an RTP of 95.8%, 3 Coins falls in the standard range of most modern slots. This number suggests that for every €100 wagered, the slot returns €95.8 on average, over a long period.

Max Win

Dangle the possibility of multiplying your stake by a whopping 500 times, and 3 Coins promises not just fun but some hefty returns. The maximum exposure one can get is a commendable 40000, making this spinner more than just a pretty interface.

3 Coins Pros and Cons

The gaming community is buzzing about 3 Coins, and for good reasons! Many players have described their experience as exhilarating, captivating, and just downright fun. What makes this title so unique is its simple design, coupled with a range of exciting features that promise lucrative wins. The dazzling graphics and the simplicity of a three-reel slot make it both nostalgic and innovative.


  • Low volatility offers consistent wins.
  • Appealing graphics and animations.
  • Unique features, including bonus rounds and special symbols.
  • Wide betting range suitable for various players.


  • Lack of a progressive jackpot.
  • Might seem overly simple for seasoned players.

3 Coins Casino Game by 3 Oaks

Established in a world where online gaming companies are sprouting every day, 3 Oaks has carved a niche for itself. Hailing from the heart of Europe, this company has been serving up premium slot experiences for a significant period now. With an extensive product range, they have cemented their position in the market, continually innovating and pushing boundaries.

Their presence in the gambling sector is not only acknowledged but celebrated with numerous awards and nominations over the past years. This recognition is proof of their commitment to quality, innovation, and unparalleled user experience.

The Best Casino Software by 3 Oaks

3 Oaks has a distinctive approach to developing slots. Their focus is not only on stunning graphics but also on solid RTPs, catering to both novice and seasoned players. Their range of games often comes with demo versions allowing players to get a taste before diving in.

Some of their top-rated titles include:

  • Gem Fiesta: A vibrant slot, rich in colors and features.
  • Coin Carnival: Another coin-themed game that’s become a massive hit.
  • Royal Flush: A card-themed slot, promising hours of fun.

3 Coins Storyline, Theme, and Characters

A classic theme is at the heart of 3 Coins, reminiscent of the old-world charm of traditional slot machines. The primary characters in this game are the different symbols – each with a tale of potential riches. The shiny coins, precious gems, and the ever-enticing wild and scatter symbols take you on a journey through a world where every spin could turn to gold. The theme is well-executed, ensuring that players are not only playing but living a storyline that exudes luxury and opulence.

3 Coins Gameplay and Basic Rules

Navigating 3 Coins is a breeze, even for the uninitiated. The game unfolds on a 3×3 grid, with only five paylines. To kickstart your 3 Coins adventure:

  • Choose a bet size, ranging from €0.1 to a hefty €80.
  • Hit the spin button and watch the reels come alive.
  • Aim to land matching symbols on the paylines.
  • Keep an eye out for the special symbols to unlock bonus features.

The rules are straightforward: line up matching symbols on the paylines. The wilds can replace any symbol, except the bonus, increasing your chances of winning.

3 Coins Symbols – Meaning and Payouts




Payout Multiplier

Quick Scoop




The ‘wild’ card of the slot world. Replaces any symbol and amps up your winnings! 

Three Red Sevens



Lucky 7s, but make it a trio! This iconic symbol screams MAJOR cash. 

Two Bells



Hear that? It’s the sound of good times rolling with these gleaming bells. 🛎

Two Bars



Classic, sleek, and always in style. These bars are your ticket to a tidy win! 

Two Orange Gems



Sparkly and oh-so-tempting, these gems promise a tangy twist to your fortune! 

Two Blue Gems



Dive deep into the azure allure of these gems and come up with some sparkling wins! 

Two Red Gems



Hot and fiery, these gems can light up your path to riches. 

Two Green Gems



Fresh and zesty, these gems are all about bringing some green to your machine! 

Two Purple Gems



Dive into the royal allure of these gems and witness a regal win! 

Black X



Simple, sleek, and mysterious – this symbol might be the dark horse of your game! 

3 Coins Bonus Features

Beyond its gleaming exterior, what truly makes 3 Coins glitter are its bonus features. This title doesn’t simply pay homage to classic slots; it modernizes the experience by introducing unique features, setting it apart in the crowd.

3 Coins Free Spins

Though this particular spinner doesn’t offer traditional free spins, it makes up for it with its unique bonus rounds, bringing equal excitement.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbols are truly wild here! They grace all reels and can replace all symbols, except the bonus, amplifying your winnings.

Bonus Symbol

This symbol only shows up on reel 2. Landing three of them triggers a thrilling bonus game. During this round, the bonus symbols stick in place, and the game begins with four respins. The essence of these respins? Every bonus symbol resets the respins back to four, adding their value to the total win. This captivating feature lasts until there are no respins left.

Diamond Bonus Symbol

Occasionally, during the bonus game, Diamond Bonus symbols might pop up. These symbols are the golden tickets to massive wins, multiplying your total bet by anywhere between 100 to 500 times.

3 Coins History and Versions

Since its release in January 2021, 3 Coins has undergone several tweaks and refinements, though its core remains unchanged. Inspired by the classic slots of yesteryears, 3 Oaks designed this game to provide a fusion of tradition and innovation. Its popularity prompted 3 Oaks to roll out enhanced versions, although the original continues to hold a special place among fans.

Mobile Compatibility

Playing on-the-go is the norm nowadays, and 3 Coins doesn’t disappoint. The game is fully optimized for mobile devices. The benefits? Ability to play anywhere, any time. Experience seamless graphics, swift load times, and consistent gameplay across devices.

However, mobile gaming isn’t without its downsides. Smaller screens might not do justice to the stunning graphics. Also, consistent internet connectivity is crucial for an uninterrupted experience.

Animation, Sounds, and Graphics

The first thing that strikes you about 3 Coins is its dazzling visual display. Every element is crafted meticulously, ensuring a feast for the eyes. Symbols don’t just appear; they dance, glisten, and shine, making every win feel like a grand celebration. The animations are buttery smooth, giving a sense of fluidity and adding a touch of sophistication.

The auditory landscape of 3 Coins is equally captivating. Every spin is accentuated with melodic undertones, echoing the clinks of coins. Wins are celebrated with a crescendo, almost like a chorus cheering for your success. The background score is a delicate blend of classic casino sounds and modern musical beats, ensuring you’re always in the mood for just one more spin.

Graphically, the game stands tall among its contemporaries. The colors are vibrant, yet not overwhelming, creating a visual balance. The symbols, from shimmering coins to glistening gems, are detailed to perfection. The backdrop, subtle yet noticeable, transports players to a lavish world where every spin can turn to gold.


Stepping into the spinning realm of 3 Coins, one is immediately transported to a harmonious blend of the past and the future. 3 Oaks, with this title, masterfully marries the nostalgia of classic slots with the zest and zeal of modern gaming elements. The game’s allure lies not only in its high-octane gameplay but also in its portrayal of an opulent, coin-filled world. As you spin the reels, you’re not just hoping for wins; you’re venturing into a tale of luxury, grandeur, and fortunes waiting to be claimed. With a promise of significant returns, unique bonus rounds, and sheer attention to detail, 3 Coins is not just another slot game; it’s an encapsulation of an experience, one that keeps you coming back for more.

Author’s Personal Opinion

Having seen countless slots in my career, 3 Coins feels like a breath of fresh air. Its blend of classic and modern elements, combined with the potential for significant payouts, makes it a game I frequently return to. While some might bemoan its lack of progressive jackpots, the special features and the consistent winnings make up for it. It’s a title I wholeheartedly recommend to all slot enthusiasts.

FAQ in 3 Coins

What is the minimum bet amount for 3 Coins?
You can start spinning from as low as €0.1 per spin.
Is 3 Coins mobile-compatible?
Absolutely! You can enjoy the game seamlessly across various mobile devices.
How is the bonus round triggered?
Landing three bonus symbols on reel 2 triggers the exciting bonus game.
Does 3 Coins offer free spins?
While traditional free spins aren't present, the game compensates with its unique bonus rounds which are equally thrilling.
Are there any multipliers in 3 Coins?
Yes! The Diamond Bonus symbols can multiply your total bet between 100 to 500 times.
Who is the developer behind 3 Coins?
The game is developed by the acclaimed 3 Oaks.
What is the game's RTP?
3 Coins has an RTP of 95.8%.
Can I play 3 Coins for free before wagering real money?
Many casinos offer a demo version of 3 Coins to try before diving in with real stakes.
Is there a progressive jackpot in 3 Coins?
No, the game does not feature a progressive jackpot.
How many paylines does 3 Coins have?
The game has five paylines on its 3x3 grid.

Comments by Players

Alexandra M. 2023-04-12
Been playing slots for a decade now, and '3 Coins' feels refreshingly different. Love the animations!
Darius W. 2023-04-18
That bonus round is something else! Had me on the edge of my seat.
Elena K. 2023-05-02
The graphics, the sounds, it’s a complete package. 3 Oaks has outdone themselves.
Raj P. 2023-05-10
Reminds me of the classic slots but with a modern twist. Great job!
Michaela G. 2023-05-15
Been on a winning streak with '3 Coins'. Definitely one of my top 5 slots now.
Ibrahim N. 2023-06-01
I miss a progressive jackpot, but the other features make up for it.
Claire F. 2023-06-08
Played the demo, got hooked, and now I can't stop spinning for real. Kudos, 3 Oaks!
Vladimir S. 2023-06-21
A visual treat. The attention to detail is stunning.
Nora T. 2023-07-03
Not just a game, it's an experience. Been recommending it to all my friends.
Juan D. 2023-07-12
That Diamond Bonus symbol is a game-changer. Massive wins!
Anika L. 2023-07-19
I love the blend of classic and modern in '3 Coins'. It’s nostalgic yet so fresh.
Youssef A. 2023-07-25
Been playing non-stop. It's addictive in the best way.
Linda O. 2023-07-30
The sounds are so immersive. Feels like I'm in a real casino.
Kyung-Ho P. 2023-08-04
A slot game that stands out. Brilliant work by 3 Oaks.
Sophie E. 2023-08-04
I play '3 Coins' every evening now. Perfect way to unwind.

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