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Game information

Provider Betsoft Gaming
Slot Type Video Slots
Release Date -
Reels 5
Rows 5
Paylines 10 Paylines
RTP 97.18%
Volatility Medium
Minimum Bet (EUR) € 0.05
Maximum Bet (EUR) € 20.00
Maximum Win €7 552
Slot Theme Food Slots, Asian Slots, Ethnic
Multiplier 377,6
Free Spins Yes
Bonus Rounds Yes
Buy Bonus No
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Progressive Jackpot No
Welcome Bonus
200% Up to $/€2000
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Multiple Bonuses
  • Unique Slots
Welcome bonus
Up to 500 €+ 250 Freespins
  • Attractive bonus rewards
  • Quick payment processing
  • Exceptional user interface and experience
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Up to $/€1500 + 270 Free Spins
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Dim Sum Prize Online Slot Review

Unveiling the latest sensation in the online gaming universe – Dim Sum Prize! Crafted by the genius minds at Betsoft, this video slot introduces you to the tantalizing world of Asian cuisine. The vibrant graphics paint a picture so appealing; you can almost smell the steamy dim sum rising from your screen. And with five reels and ten paylines, there’s plenty of action for everyone.

A journey into the bustling streets of a night market, the game is a testament to the designers’ painstaking attention to detail. The backdrop is filled with lively lanterns and wooden stalls, their tables laden with mouth-watering fare, all under a starlit sky.

The game promises not just an immersive experience but also an incredibly rewarding one. With a plethora of bonuses and unique features, Dim Sum Prize sets itself apart from the competition, making it a must-try for both novices and seasoned gamblers.

Dim Sum Prize Volatility, RTP, and Max Returns


Dim Sum Prize offers a medium volatility level. The balance of risk and reward keeps things interesting, ensuring the game is never a monotonous affair.


Our research showed that the Dim Sum Prize boasts a superior RTP of 97.18%, which is quite impressive in the current market. This high return to player rate signifies the potential for substantial returns over an extended gameplay period.

Max Win

This game entices with a max multiplier of x377, while the max exposure reaches up to 8482. In terms of stakes, it ranges from a modest €0.05 to a daring €20 per spin, accommodating all types of players and their respective budgets.

Dim Sum Prize Pros and Cons

Let’s delve into some hands-on experiences players have had with Dim Sum Prize. An overwhelming number appreciates the game for its stunning visuals, high RTP, and engaging bonus features.


  • Incredible graphics and engaging theme.
  • High RTP of 97.18%.
  • Medium volatility – a perfect blend of risk and reward.
  • A wide array of bonus features.
  • Broad betting range, catering to all types of players.


  • The Asian cuisine theme might not appeal to everyone.
  • The maximum multiplier (x377) could be higher compared to other games.

Dim Sum Prize by Betsoft

Hailing from the vibrant city of Valletta, Malta, Betsoft has risen to prominence in the iGaming world since its inception. Their extensive portfolio consists of high-quality video slots, table games, and other innovative offerings that captivate the hearts of gamblers across the globe.

Betsoft has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence, illustrated by their numerous accolades in the industry. Their recent awards include ‘Best Online Gambling Game Developer’ (2018), ‘Innovation in Slot Provision’ (2019), and a nomination for ‘Best Digital Company of the Year’ (2020).

The Best Casino Software by Betsoft

Through its robust and dynamic gaming solutions, Betsoft has continually raised the bar for industry standards. Their products come packed with superior graphics, high RTPs, and compelling storylines. Furthermore, most offerings feature demo versions, allowing players to get a feel for the game before staking real money.

Some standout titles from Betsoft’s extensive catalog include ‘The Slotfather’, known for its amazing mafia storyline and high payouts, and ‘Good Girl Bad Girl’, famous for its unique Choose-your-own-playstyle feature. These, along with Dim Sum Prize, validate Betsoft’s reputation as a leading provider in the industry.

Dim Sum Prize Storyline, Theme, and Characters

Dive into the bustling world of a Chinese night market with Dim Sum Prize. The game invites players into an immersive atmosphere, teeming with delicious dumplings and other traditional Asian delicacies. The characters and symbols of the game are well-detailed, with each having its unique color and design, embodying different types of dim sum and other related items.

The game’s storyline revolves around the hustle and bustle of the market, with a focus on the coveted dim sum. The game’s central characters are the dim sum themselves, ranging from steamed buns to dumplings and rice noodle rolls. Each character is brought to life with vibrant animations and sound effects, contributing to the immersive experience.

Dim Sum Prize Gameplay and Basic Rules

Initiating your gaming session with Dim Sum Prize involves a few simple steps:

  1. Select your preferred bet size, which can range from €0.05 to €20.
  2. Spin the reels and hope for a winning combination across the ten paylines.
  3. Look out for special symbols like the Wild and Scatter, which can unlock bonus features.

The game’s goal is to land matching symbols on the paylines, with different icons offering varying payouts. The bonus features and Free Spins mode are sure to enhance your gameplay and potentially boost your winnings.

Dim Sum Prize Symbols – Meaning and Payouts


Symbol Name


5 Matches

4 Matches

3 Matches

Lotus Leaf Wraps

The Lotus Leaf Wraps, a staple of traditional Chinese cuisine, are packed with flavor and symbolize wealth and abundance. Their deep-green, aromatic exterior encapsulates a world of deliciousness, a perfect emblem for your culinary adventure.




Baked Char Siu Bao Buns

Baked Char Siu Bao Buns, a succulent treat with a sweet and savory barbecue pork filling, are a symbol of joy and prosperity. The enticing blend of flavors they carry make for an exquisite delicacy in our game.




Steamed Pork Buns

With a fluffy exterior and a mouthwatering meaty core, Steamed Pork Buns symbolize unity and completeness. Their rich taste that balances between sweet and savory justifies their esteemed presence in our game.




Steamed Prawns

Steamed Prawns represent purity and fulfillment. Their juicy texture and aromatic flavor evoke a feeling of satisfaction, a metaphor for the possible winnings they can grant you in our game.




Rice Noodle Roll

The Rice Noodle Roll, a smooth and versatile dish, symbolizes flow and continuity. It stands as a testament to the smooth flow of luck and the consistent payouts it can bring you.




Chicken Feet

A symbol of bravery and determination, Chicken Feet bring an adventurous note to our game. They’re a challenging yet rewarding dish, much like the high-risk, high-reward nature of this symbol.




Dumpling Soup

The Dumpling Soup symbol, which brings warmth and comfort, is a cherished treasure in Chinese cuisine. It’s a soothing yet exciting symbol, carrying the potential for massive payouts that can make your gaming experience truly rewarding.




Dim Sum Prize Bonus Features

What truly sets Dim Sum Prize apart from other games is its unique bonus features. At any given moment, players can encounter the Bamboo Basket Surprise, which can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, adding an element of suspense to each spin. The surprise can yield either a Crimson Coupon or a Teatime Wild, each unlocking different rewards and adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Free Spins

Collect 3 Crimson Coupons to trigger the Free Spins mode! Crimson Coupons transform into Teatime Wilds that stay in place for the duration of the Free Spins mode.

As my tests have shown, landing Teatime Wilds can be quite rewarding. Each Wild symbol that appears on the reels grants you a free respin, with more Wilds meaning more respins.

Teatime Wilds

The Teatime Wild comes with a sticky feature. That means once it lands on the reels, it stays in place, giving you a free re-spin. The beauty of it is that if more Teatime Wilds land on the re-spin, they too become sticky and award additional re-spins. This can continue until no more Teatime Wilds appear, allowing for the possibility of having multiple wilds on your reels, leading to some potentially hefty wins.

Bamboo Basket Surprise

Not to forget the Bamboo Basket Surprise – this delightful feature can pop up on reels 2, 3, or 4 at any time, bringing with it either a Crimson Coupon or a Teatime Wild. The surprise element adds a thrilling edge to the game, keeping players on their toes with every spin.

Dim Sum Prize History and Versions

Released on September 17, 2022, Dim Sum Prize is the latest offering from the esteemed software provider, Betsoft. The game was created in response to a growing demand for immersive, well-themed slot machines, and the developers hit the bullseye with this one. Offering a fresh take on the well-loved Asian cuisine theme, Dim Sum Prize has quickly risen to popularity among players of all experience levels. As of now, there are no other versions available.

Mobile Compatibility

As we increasingly transition towards a mobile-first world, it is crucial for iGaming platforms to be compatible across a wide range of devices. Fortunately, Betsoft, the developer of the Dim Sum Prize, has kept pace with these trends and offers a highly adaptable gameplay experience. After numerous tests conducted by our team, we found that the slot performs exceptionally well on both iOS and Android platforms.

Whether you’re using a high-end flagship or a budget-friendly device, the Dim Sum Prize presents seamless gaming action, thanks to its responsive design. This means that regardless of your device’s screen size, the slot will automatically adjust to deliver an immersive gaming experience. The tactile nature of mobile gameplay adds a unique dimension to your experience, making each spin feel tangible and rewarding.

However, one must note that the experience can be slightly influenced by the device’s specs, internet speed, and the mobile browser in use. While the graphics and animations maintain their quality, slower internet speeds might affect the game’s smooth running. Despite that, the overall mobile experience is comfortable, engaging, and, most importantly, portable, allowing you to take your gaming adventure wherever you go.

Animation, Sounds, and Graphics

One of the standout features of the Dim Sum Prize is its engaging animation, great sounds, and high-definition graphics. A glance at the reel animation, and you’ll find yourself plunged into an authentic Asian cuisine experience, filled with colorful dim sum variants that act as the slot symbols.

The background animation creates a bustling market scene, replete with paper lanterns and bamboo steamers, contributing to an immersive, vibrant atmosphere. The soundscape enhances this environment with ambient street chatter, occasional gongs, and melodious oriental music, further enriching the gaming experience.

The graphics are highly detailed, designed with crisp, high-quality visuals that make the experience very realistic. The colorful representation of dim sum – from shrimp dumplings to pork buns, adds a delightful aesthetic to the slot.

As a result, the sensory experience offered by the Dim Sum Prize serves to hook players and immerse them in the game, creating an enjoyable and memorable gaming session each time.


The Dim Sum Prize is an engaging slot machine that offers a unique blend of thrilling gameplay and immersive atmosphere. Its appeal lies in its balanced volatility, offering consistent rewards while maintaining the excitement of potential big wins. With its above-average RTP of 97.18%, it’s an enticing proposition for those who enjoy steady returns on their wager.

The distinguishing features, such as its Free Spins mode, Teatime Wilds, and Bamboo Basket Surprise, bring a fresh spin on the conventional slot gameplay. These bonus features are not just fun to trigger; they significantly enhance potential winnings, making each spin an exciting prospect.

However, the true standout element of Dim Sum Prize lies in its presentation. Its visually stunning and authentic representation of Asian cuisine, combined with a vibrant soundscape, creates an immersive gaming environment that is both fun and engaging. It stands out in the market for its unique theme and is a must-try for any slot enthusiast seeking something different from the usual offerings.

Author’s Personal Opinion

As an SEO-specialist with a strong background in the iGaming industry, I’ve seen and reviewed countless slot games. However, the Dim Sum Prize by Betsoft brings something truly distinctive to the table. Based on my own experience, I was particularly captivated by its engaging theme and the level of detail that went into its presentation.

The medium volatility provides a balanced gameplay experience, making it suitable for all types of players, regardless of their risk appetite. Furthermore, the above-average RTP is an attractive feature for players looking for a consistent return on their bets.

The Free Spins mode and other bonus features are interesting elements that add a layer of excitement to each spin. However, there is always room for improvement. A progressive jackpot or a bonus buy feature could significantly enhance the game’s appeal for high-rollers.

FAQ in Dim Sum Prize

Is the Dim Sum Prize available for mobile gameplay?
Absolutely! The Dim Sum Prize is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms and performs exceptionally well on a variety of devices.
What is the RTP of Dim Sum Prize?
The Dim Sum Prize offers an above-average RTP of 97.18%.
Are there any free spins in the Dim Sum Prize?
Yes, the game offers a Free Spins mode that can be triggered by collecting three Crimson Coupons.
Can I play the Dim Sum Prize for free?
Yes, Betsoft typically offers demo versions of their games, allowing you to try them out before wagering real money.
How many paylines does the Dim Sum Prize have?
The Dim Sum Prize features ten paylines across five reels.
What is the maximum win in the Dim Sum Prize?
The maximum win is a whopping x377 of your original bet!
What is the theme of the Dim Sum Prize?
The Dim Sum Prize is themed around Asian cuisine, specifically focusing on the popular delicacy - Dim Sum.
Are there any special features in the Dim Sum Prize?
Yes, besides the Free Spins, the Dim Sum Prize offers the Teatime Wilds and the Bamboo Basket Surprise as bonus features.
Is there a progressive jackpot in the Dim Sum Prize?
Unfortunately, no. The Dim Sum Prize does not offer a progressive jackpot.
Who is the provider of the Dim Sum Prize?
The Dim Sum Prize is developed by Betsoft, a renowned name in the iGaming industry.

Comments by Dim Sum Prize Players

Joe Stevenson
October 3 2022
The Free Spins and Teatime Wilds kept me on the edge of my seat. Kudos to Betsoft!
Lisa McAllister
November 15 2022
Just wow! The Asian theme is so vibrant, and the animations are top-notch. Totally hooked!
Omar Alvarez
December 21 2022
Being a foodie and a slot lover, Dim Sum Prize is the perfect combo. I've been spinning for hours.
Diana Peters
January 5 2023
The mobile experience is amazing! Been playing on my commute to work, the RTP is impressive too.
Jack Hughes
February 15 2023
Love the game! However, I wish there was a progressive jackpot feature.
Laura Thompson
March 30 2023
Betsoft really outdid themselves this time. The graphics and sounds are next level. 5 stars from me!
Phil Clark
April 17 2023
The Bamboo Basket Surprise feature had me spinning all day. It's random, but the rewards are totally worth it.
Mary Scott
May 22 2023
The theme is what caught my eye. It's unlike anything else in the market. A delightful experience overall.
Rick Sanchez
June 1 2023
Decent RTP, consistent wins. I'm loving it!
Sally Turner
June 12 2023
The animations are so smooth, and the gameplay is effortless. Dim Sum Prize is a game changer!
Ali Wilson
June 18 2023
The game feels balanced, and the bonus features add to the excitement. A good pick for casual players.
Zoe Davis
June 30 2023
Just tried it on my iPhone, and it's flawless! Great for mobile gamers like me.
George Miller
July 2 2023
Fun to play but lacks a bonus buy feature. Hope they introduce it in the future.
Angela Jones
July 7 2023
Brilliant slot! Betsoft did an excellent job with the theme and presentation.
Daniel Martinez
July 9 2023
Enjoying the Dim Sum Prize so far. It's a bit different from the regular slots and that's refreshing!

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