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Experience the Wild Safari Adventure with Stampede Slot Game

This online slot game takes you on a virtual African safari adventure. The graphics really capture the feel of the wide open savannas and grasslands, with majestic mountains in the distance and sunlight streaming through fast-moving clouds. You’ll see all sorts of animals like elephants, zebras, giraffes and antelopes wandering about their natural habitat.

The main goal is to line up matching symbols across the 5 reels and 3 rows to win prizes. There are 1024 different ways you can win. If you get 5 “acacia tree” symbols, which is the scatter symbol, you trigger 20 free spins plus a nice 400 coin payout. During the free spins, special “wild” symbols can multiply your winnings by 2 or even 3 times.

The animals are the main symbols. 5 elephants in a row pays out the most at 150 coins. But most of the animals pay decent prizes in the 50 to 75 coin range for 5-of-a-kind. Even just 2 elephants pays 5 coins. So with so many paylines, winning combinations come up fairly often.

I really like how the game captures the sights and sounds of the African landscape. The animals have smooth animations as they move about the reels. And with the shifting sunlight and clouds, things stay visually interesting.

It’s easy to adjust your bet level from 40 cents up to $20 per spin. You can also use auto play if you prefer. With opportunities for free spins, wild multipliers, and a double-up gamble feature on wins, Stampede keeps things entertaining.

Overall, if you want a break from more typical slot themes and enjoy wildlife adventures, I’d recommend giving Stampede a few spins next time you play. With frequent payouts and a 95% return-to-player rate, it’s solid entertainment with the chance for some savanna-sized scores along the way!

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