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Explore the Wild West with NetEnt’s Exciting New Slot Game, Buckshot Wilds

The popular online casino game maker NetEnt has launched a new slot machine game called Buckshot Wilds. It’s a Wild West themed game that looks like an oil painting come to life.

Cowboys and cowgirls can spin the reels on this digital machine that starts with 4 rows but can expand up to 8 rows tall, for even more chances to win. The game has special features like free spins, expanding wild symbols, and a chance to “shootout” symbols to turn them into wilds.

When you play, you’ll see a little virtual town with rocky mountains in the backdrop. It looks like the kind of place where desperados would hang out after a long week of cattle rustling or robbing trains. Which sounds fun!

If you trigger the free spins bonus round, the scene changes to nighttime in a tidy hideout for those same rascals looking to unwind. This is where the biggest wins happen.

The wild symbols are important because they act as jokers, replacing normal symbols to help you make winning lines. And when they land on certain spots, they make adjacent symbols turn wild too in a symbol shootout.

The reels themselves can also randomly grow, up to 8 rows high, duplicating any wild symbols on the top part of the tall reel set. After the spin, the reels shrink back down to normal.

So with features like expanding reels and symbols, free spins, and wild shootouts, NetEnt’s new game keeps the action going. Cowpokes and cowgals looking for some rowdy casino fun should check out Buckshot Wilds and see if they can hit the big bounty.

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