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Gamblelicious Hold And Win Slot Review

Game information

Provider Booming Games
Slot Type Video Slots
Release Date 07-01-2023
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 200
RTP 96.6%
Volatility Medium
Minimum Bet (EUR) 0.25
Maximum Bet (EUR) 250
Maximum Win 305250
Slot Theme Different Types of Slots
Multiplier 1221
Free Spins Yes
Bonus Rounds Yes
Buy Bonus No
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Progressive Jackpot No
Welcome Bonus
200% Up to $/€2000
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Multiple Bonuses
  • Unique Slots
Welcome bonus
Up to 500 €+ 250 Freespins
  • Attractive bonus rewards
  • Quick payment processing
  • Exceptional user interface and experience
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Up to $/€1500 + 270 Free Spins
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Gamblelicious Hold and Win Online Slot Review

Are you seeking a dash of luxury and a sprinkle of adrenaline in your next gaming session? Enter the world of Gamblelicious Hold and Win, a glittering spectacle brought to life by Booming. Dive into the realm of opulence, where diamonds, gold, and heaps of money await your touch. A sumptuous experience, the slot is visually intoxicating, wrapped in the theme of Luxury, Gold, Diamonds, and Money. With pristine graphics and mesmerizing action, it’s not just a game, it’s a rendezvous with affluence.

Gamblelicious Hold and Win Volatility, RTP, and Max Returns


High volatility is the name of the game here. This means wins might not happen frequently, but when they do, expect them to be substantial, perfect for those who crave heart-thumping experiences.


Offering a default RTP of 95.90%, this game provides a fair return to players over time, balancing out the high volatility.

Max Win

With a max multiplier of x1221, players have the potential to seize a whopping 305,250 from their spin. It’s a treasure trove waiting to be unlocked.

Gamblelicious Hold and Win Pros and Cons

After diving deep into Gamblelicious Hold and Win, we’ve compiled firsthand accounts from passionate players like yourself.


  • Luxurious theme with immersive graphics.
  • High volatility ensures significant wins.
  • Diverse bonus features for varied gameplay.


  • Lack of progressive jackpot.
  • The high volatility might not suit every player’s preference.

Gamblelicious Hold and Win Casino Game by Booming

The mastermind behind this gem, Booming, hails from the heart of the gaming world. Established in an undisclosed country, they’ve been innovators in the market, catering to an international clientele. Booming has curated an expansive product range, setting the benchmark in the gaming realm. They’ve carved a niche for themselves, characterized by their unique themes, captivating graphics, and riveting features.

The Best Casino Software by Booming

When we talk about Booming, we’re diving into a sea of exceptional gaming software, marked by quality, innovation, and user-centricity. Their expansive library, catering to an eclectic clientele, bears testimony to their commitment to excellence. High RTPs, user-friendly interfaces, and immersive storylines are their hallmark. Games like Golden Palaces and Ruby Delights have cemented their place in the hearts of gamers worldwide. If gaming were an art, Booming would be the Picasso of it!

Gamblelicious Hold and Win Storyline, Theme, and Characters

This slot isn’t just a game; it’s a narrative, a tale that celebrates luxury. The plot whisks players away to an enchanting world where diamonds aren’t just stones but characters with stories. Gold isn’t just a metal; it’s a testament to the lavish life waiting to be embraced. Each spin is a chapter, each win a thrilling climax. It’s more than just symbols aligning; it’s about dreams aligning with reality.

Gamblelicious Hold and Win Gameplay and Basic Rules

To master any game, one must understand its heart and soul. With Gamblelicious, the essence lies in the thrill of alignment.

  • Setting the Pace: Begin by deciding your stake, with bets ranging from a modest €0.25 to a bold €250.
  • Play the Field: With 5 reels and 3 rows on display, activate up to 25 paylines to increase your chances.
  • The Beauty of Symbols: Remember, each symbol holds power. Align them, cherish them, and let them lead you to victories.
  • Dive Deep into Bonus Rounds: Specific combinations unlock secret doors. Explore them!
  • Harness the Power of Free Spins: Symbols are your allies. Let them guide you to untapped territories.

Gamblelicious Hold and Win Symbols – Meaning and Payouts




5 Matches

4 Matches

3 Matches


The shimmering emblem of luxury, straight out of royal tiaras. A promise of grand payouts.




Red Seven

Classic slot gaming’s heart with a fiery red hue, heralding good fortune.




Bundles of Money

A symbol of affluence, echoing the thrill of a big win every time they stack up.





Reminiscent of ancient Mesopotamian gaming; promises a roll of good fortune.





Not just love, but a call to trust your instincts and passion in every spin.





Merging classic card lore with modern slots, the spade is your winter’s tale on the reel.





A nod to classic card games and the clover-like good luck charm.





The shimmering symbol of resilience, echoing a player’s unyielding spirit.




Gamblelicious Hold and Win Bonus Features

One of the standout features is its rich array of bonuses. Unlike many contemporaries, Gamblelicious is a treasure chest of special features that enhance the overall gaming experience and increase winning potential.

Gamblelicious Hold and Win Free Spins

Upon landing 3 scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4, a player is graced with 8 free spins. These aren’t just ordinary spins; here, only major symbols, wilds, scatters, and value symbols come into play. What’s more, free spins can be retriggered, elevating the excitement.

Hold and Win

This feature, activated by 6 or more value symbols, starts with 3 spins. The uniqueness lies in the resetting mechanism; each new value symbol resets the spin count back to 3. As these symbols land, they remain fixed, enhancing the winning potential. Landing all 15 value symbols fetches the player the Grand Bonus, multiplying their bet by a staggering 1000x.

Quick Hit Bonuses

Achieve this by landing all 15 value symbols during Hold and Win. With potential rewards ranging from 25x Mini Bonus to 1000x Grand Bonus, this feature holds the key to massive payouts.

Stacked Wild & Wild

The Wilds here aren’t ordinary. They come stacked in groups of three, appearing on reels 2 to 5. While the wild symbol can replace all others, barring scatter and value symbols, the stacked version amplifies the win possibilities.

Gamblelicious Hold and Win History and Versions

When one revisits the chronicle of Gamblelicious, it’s a tale soaked in innovation and creativity. Launched with fanfare on 05.05.2022, this game, in its maiden version, encapsulated the essence of luxury, sparking intrigue and delight among players. While it’s the first of its kind, there have been murmurs in gaming communities about Booming’s plans to introduce sequels or variations, building on the game’s success. A rich tapestry of narratives, each potential version promises to explore different facets of opulence, further solidifying the legacy of Gamblelicious.

Mobile Compatibility

Booming ensures you’re not bound by location. Gamblelicious Hold and Win is seamlessly optimized for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Whether you’re on-the-go or cozying up at home, the experience remains top-notch. Mobile gaming, with its convenience and accessibility, enhances the allure of this luxury-themed slot.

Animations, Sounds, and Graphics

Booming has always been synonymous with impeccable aesthetics. In Gamblelicious, every frame is a painting, with animations so sleek they’d give a cinematic experience a run for its money. Every spin, every twinkle of the diamonds, feels genuine, and you could almost reach out and touch the symbols. The auditory journey complements this visual spectacle. The harmonies echo the tinkling of golden coins and soft jazz, enveloping players in a comforting embrace. The graphics? Crystal clear and high-definition. Whether it’s the lustrous sheen of gold or the minute facets of a diamond, the detailing is meticulous, making every session an immersive experience.


Booming’s Gamblelicious Hold and Win is less a game and more an odyssey into a world of splendor. Launched in 2022, its history, though brief, has made a significant impact on the gaming community. With unparalleled graphics, animations, and sounds, players don’t just play; they live the game. Every symbol, every melody is a testament to Booming’s commitment to excellence, ensuring that each session is both memorable and delightful.

Author’s Personal Opinion

Having traversed numerous games, seldom have I come across one that resonates as deeply as Gamblelicious does. It’s more than a slot game; it’s a canvas where Booming has painted their finest strokes. The focus on luxury isn’t just a theme; it’s an experience, one that’s both nostalgic and futuristic. The animations, the sound, the attention to detail, speak of a passion that’s infectious. Every spin isn’t just about winning; it’s a journey, an exploration, a dance with destiny. Gamblelicious is, in my eyes, not just a game but a love letter to all gaming enthusiasts.

FAQ in Gamblelicious Hold And Win

Who pioneered Gamblelicious Hold and Win?
The creative minds at Booming crafted this gem.
Is mobile gaming supported?
Indeed! Gamblelicious is optimized for a spectrum of devices.
What's the heartbeat of the game's theme?
The allure of luxury and opulence is the game's core.
Do bonus rounds exist?
Absolutely! Special symbols lead to rewarding bonus adventures.
Has Booming hinted at newer versions?
While the current one is a classic, there are whispers of future iterations.
Is there a jackpot feature?
Dive into the game to discover the exciting jackpot avenues!
Are multipliers part of the gameplay?
Gamblelicious offers multipliers to amp up the thrill.
How does Gamblelicious stand out from other slots?
Its intricate design, story, and unmatched user experience set it apart.
Can beginners dive into this game easily?
With its user-friendly interface, even novices can embark on this luxurious journey.
What’s the potential return to player (RTP)?
Booming prides itself on generous RTPs, ensuring players get value for their gameplay.

Comments by Players

Jack M. 15.05.2022
Never experienced anything like this! It’s not just a game; it’s an event!
Priya R. 20.05.2022
The graphics are mind-blowing. Felt like I stepped into another world.
Leo F. 23.05.2022
Booming has outdone themselves. Pure class!
Amelia B. 01.06.2022
The attention to detail is stunning. Every spin is a thrill.
Samuel O. 05.06.2022
Easily the best slot game this year. Can’t wait for more versions.
Clara H. 10.06.2022
That sound when you win? Absolute eargasm!
Abdul R. 15.06.2022
A masterclass in gaming. Hats off to Booming.
Ellie W. 20.06.2022
Been playing slots for years, and this one? It’s a crown jewel.
Noah P. 25.06.2022
Luxury, drama, wins – what more can you ask for?
Aisha Z. 01.07.2022
The animations are so fluid. It’s a visual treat!
Rafael D. 05.07.2022
Diving into this game after a long day is therapeutic. Love it!
Isabella K. 10.07.2022
Every symbol, every sound – it’s like a crafted masterpiece.
Ethan Q. 15.07.2022
Gamblelicious has set a new benchmark. Brilliant work!
Lily T. 20.07.2022
It’s not gambling; it’s an experience. Totally worth every spin.
Oscar N. 25.07.2022
Played on mobile and was blown away by the smooth gameplay. Cheers to Booming!

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