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Game information

Provider Booming Games
Slot Type Video Slots
Release Date 15-07-2023
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 200
RTP 96%
Volatility Medium
Minimum Bet (EUR) 0.05
Maximum Bet (EUR) 25
Maximum Win 250000
Slot Theme Jungle Slots
Multiplier 10000
Free Spins Yes
Bonus Rounds No
Buy Bonus No
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Progressive Jackpot No
Welcome Bonus
200% Up to $/€2000
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Multiple Bonuses
  • Unique Slots
Welcome bonus
Up to 500 €+ 250 Freespins
  • Attractive bonus rewards
  • Quick payment processing
  • Exceptional user interface and experience
Welcome Bonus
Up to $/€1500 + 270 Free Spins
  • No Deposit Bonus
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Up to $/€1600
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King Cobra Online Slot Review

Dive into the heart of the mysterious jungle with the thrilling King Cobra slot, a recent innovation from acclaimed provider, Booming Games. This enchanting game perfectly marries a misty jungle and dark theme with eye-catching graphics that keep you at the edge of your seat. The intense action revolves around a 5×5 grid with a commendable 15 paylines. Every spin is a thrilling adventure, ready to reward players with generous treasures hidden in the tropical wilderness. So, ready to join the King Cobra in its territory and grab some exciting wins? Come, let’s embark on this unforgettable journey.

King Cobra Volatility, RTP, and Max Returns


High volatility is the essence of the King Cobra slot. This implies that players may experience periods of low activity but are compensated with potentially massive payoffs. Brace yourself for an exhilarating roller coaster ride of spins, knowing that huge rewards are on the horizon.


The King Cobra slot sports a default RTP of 95.6%. This Return To Player percentage suggests a long-term expected payback from the game. While it’s lower than some games, the excitement and potential big wins balance the scales.

Max Win

Prepare to be dazzled by the game’s max multiplier that stands at a whopping x10000. Meaning, players have the chance to bag a staggering max exposure of 150000. With a max bet of €15, King Cobra is a game of high stakes and high rewards.

King Cobra Pros and Cons

While the King Cobra slot has been lauded for its adventurous theme and heart-pounding gameplay, it has also faced critique. Our analysis shows that many players enjoy the slot for its immersive graphics and high volatility. Booming Games has certainly pushed boundaries in creating an online slot that is both engaging and offers potential for high payouts.


  • High volatility leading to potentially massive wins.
  • Eye-catching graphics and immersive theme.
  • Exciting bonus round.
  • A max multiplier of x10000.


  • Lower RTP compared to some other slots.
  • Lack of free spins feature.
  • Absence of a progressive jackpot.

King Cobra Casino Game by Booming Games

Booming Games, the mastermind behind the King Cobra slot, is a reputable provider within the iGaming industry. With origins in the Isle of Man, this company has managed to penetrate global markets with its distinctive range of products and features. Known for their innovative slots, Booming Games puts creativity and player experience at the forefront.

Over the past few years, Booming Games has received several notable awards and nominations, affirming its high standing in the gambling industry. This includes multiple nominations for the ‘RNG Casino Supplier’ and ‘Mobile Supplier of the Year’. Their commitment to mobile compatibility, advanced features, and high-quality graphics has significantly contributed to their continued success.

The Best Casino Software by Booming Games

Booming Games has a diverse portfolio of popular slots, many of which share high RTPs and availability of demo versions for players. The provider continually strives to create engaging themes and innovative features that keep players coming back for more.

Notable games from Booming Games include ‘Gold Vein’, known for its fun gold mining theme and impressive free spin features, and ‘Burning Classics’, loved for its nostalgic nod to traditional slot machines. Each game by Booming Games has a unique charm and offers a different kind of thrill, proving their mastery in crafting engaging casino games.

King Cobra Storyline, Theme, and Characters

The King Cobra slot introduces players to a fascinating world of mysticism and danger. The game’s theme revolves around the exotic wilderness, drawing players into the depths of the jungle. The eponymous King Cobra, symbolizing power and danger, adds a chilling thrill to the game.

The slot features a mesmerizing mix of jungle wildlife symbols, each encapsulating the mystic wilderness. The game’s background noise and stirring soundtrack further immerse players into the heart of the jungle, making the spinning journey an experience in itself. The main storyline follows the King Cobra, whose elusive presence keeps players engaged and hopeful for a massive win.

King Cobra Gameplay and Basic Rules

Playing King Cobra is a thrilling escapade. Here’s a step-by-step guide for your first journey into the jungle:

  • Begin by setting your bet size, with the minimum bet being €0.05 and the maximum at €15.
  • Spin the reels and hope for a winning combination.
  • The game comprises a variety of symbols, each carrying different values.
  • Look out for the Wild symbol, which substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter.
  • Land three Scatter symbols to trigger the game’s bonus round.
  • Maximize your rewards by landing the special cobra symbols during the bonus round.
  • Remember, the game is highly volatile, which means big wins are possible but may require some patience.

Remember, the thrill of the game is in its unpredictability. The high volatility and potential for huge multipliers keep the excitement levels high.

King Cobra Symbols – Meaning and Payout


Symbol Name


Match 5 Multiplier

Match 4 Multiplier

Match 3 Multiplier


A small, furry carnivorous mammal.





A distinctive and highly specialized type of lizard.





A large, black bird known for its intelligence.





An amphibian typically characterized by long hind legs, smooth skin, and webbed feet.





A small, long-tailed rodent.





A snake’s egg with a heart, representing love and life in many cultures.





A snake’s egg with a spade, often associated with strategy and tactics.





A snake’s egg with a diamond, symbolizing luxury, wealth, and prestige.





A snake’s egg with a club, representing power and warfare in many societies.




King Cobra Bonus Features

Unravel the secret path to mind-blowing rewards, as King Cobra stirs up a fascinating mix of bonus elements, setting it apart in the bustling iGaming jungle. Each bonus feature is intricately crafted, presenting a unique gameplay twist that could turn your gaming fortunes around.

Let’s dissect each bonus aspect.

Free Spins

Unfortunately, the King Cobra online slot does not offer a free spins feature. This is a tad disappointing, especially for enthusiasts of free spins. However, fear not, because this jungle still hides some surprising treasures.

Poison Spins

Now, here’s where the true excitement lies in the dark, misty jungle. The Poison Spins – a thrilling sequence that could potentially lead you to the game’s max exposure of 150,000.

Each time you land 3 scatter symbols on the reels, you will trigger the start of the Poison Spins. This feature always kicks off with three spins. Whenever a new Cobra symbol lands, the spin count magically resets back to three, adding a thrilling dimension to your gaming experience.

Stacked Multipliers

During the bonus game, above each reel, you can see a visible multiplier. The feature begins with 1x per reel, promising a minimum win of 5x for this feature.

But here’s the kicker – the Green Cobra and Golden Cobra symbols. They can dramatically increase your winnings by enhancing the multipliers. The Green Cobra adds a specific number to the current reel multiplier of the reel it lands on. Similarly, the Epic Green Cobra adds to all the current reel multipliers.

The Golden Cobra, on the other hand, multiplies the current reel multiplier with the value it reveals. Its epic variant works the same way but applies to all the reel multipliers.

Wild Symbol

The game also offers Mystery Wild Multipliers and a Wild symbol that can substitute all symbols except the Scatter symbol, setting the stage for potential big wins.

Buy Bonus

And if you’re the kind who likes to take the bull (or rather, the snake) by its horns, you can opt to buy the Poison Spins. Just click on the “Buy Poison Spins” button, and for 90x your bet, you can guarantee 3 Scatters landing, thereby initiating the feature.

King Cobra History and Versions

Booming Games introduced King Cobra in April 2023. It quickly established a reputation in the market as a high-risk, high-reward offering. The game’s unique jungle theme and the gripping Poison Spins feature were a fresh addition to the ever-evolving slot market, attracting a niche set of players.

While there have been no alternate versions of King Cobra released till now, the game’s performance may encourage the developers to consider such plans in the future.

Mobile Compatibility

Playing on the go has never been more important, and King Cobra delivers an impeccable mobile experience. The game’s mobile version retains the same thrilling gameplay, stunning graphics, and immersive sounds as its desktop counterpart.

Benefits include the convenience of playing anywhere, anytime, without compromising on the game’s performance or your chances of landing those valuable symbols. The mobile game runs smoothly, thanks to Booming Games’ focus on mobile optimization, ensuring that no lag interrupts your jungle adventure.

The only downside might be the smaller screen size, which could potentially hamper your visual experience. However, the game’s design mitigates this issue with responsive scaling and clear, vivid graphics.

Animation, Sounds, and Graphics

King Cobra is a visually stunning slot that immerses players in a dark, misty jungle atmosphere. The graphics are high-quality, with every symbol and background detail crafted to perfection.

The game’s animation is smooth, with the reels spinning seamlessly and the special symbols activating their unique animations, adding to the game’s charm.

The soundtrack deserves special mention – it embodies the jungle theme, complete with exotic animal noises and a mysterious, pulsating rhythm, intensifying as you approach big wins.


King Cobra is an adventure-packed slot, luring players into a mystic jungle teeming with winning possibilities. It’s an excellent choice for players who don’t shy away from high-risk, high-reward games.

The game’s standout features include its unique Poison Spins, the chance to multiply your bet up to 10,000 times, and the option to buy the feature directly.

While it might intimidate casual players due to its high volatility, seasoned players would find the challenging gameplay rewarding.

Author’s Personal Opinion

Author: Alex Johnson, iGaming Enthusiast, and Pro Slot Analyst.

Having been an ardent slot player and analyzer for over a decade, I’ve had the pleasure to try out the King Cobra online slot. The game is a daring offering from Booming Games, blending an intriguing jungle theme with a promising bonus feature.

What I appreciate most about King Cobra is the focus on rewarding gameplay rather than gimmicks. The Poison Spins, with their reset mechanism and enhancing Cobra symbols, bring a refreshing change from the norm.

Although the lack of a Free Spins feature might deter some, I found that the game’s overall package more than compensates for it.

There’s always room for improvement, and in King Cobra’s case, introducing more bonus features would provide variety to the gameplay and attract a wider range of players.

FAQ in King Cobra

Are there any Free Spins in King Cobra?
No, King Cobra does not offer a Free Spins feature.
How can I trigger the Poison Spins feature?
Landing 3 Scatter symbols on the reels triggers the Poison Spins.
Can I play King Cobra on my mobile device?
Yes, King Cobra is fully optimized for mobile play.
What is the max multiplier in King Cobra?
The max multiplier in King Cobra is x10,000.
Can I buy the Poison Spins feature?
Yes, you can buy the Poison Spins for 90x your bet.
What are the Green and Golden Cobra symbols?
These symbols enhance your reel multipliers in the Poison Spins feature.
What is the volatility of King Cobra?
King Cobra is a high volatility game.
What is the RTP of King Cobra?
The default RTP of King Cobra is 95.6%.
Who is the provider of King Cobra?
Booming Games is the provider of King Cobra.
Can I play King Cobra for free?
Yes, most online casinos offer a demo version to play for free.

Comments by King Cobra Players

Sam Reed
June 5 2023
Just hit a big win with the Poison Spins! Love the thrill in this game!
Katie G.
June 15 2023
I wish they had Free Spins, but the game's still a blast!
Tom L.
June 20 2023
King Cobra's mobile version works smoothly. Had a good time playing on my phone.
Jessie P.
June 30 2023
Didn't think I'd like a high volatility game, but King Cobra changed my mind.
Rick S.
July 3 2023
The game's graphics and sounds are amazing. Felt like I was in a real jungle.
Kimberly C.
July 7 2023
The Poison Spins are exciting, but it took me a while to trigger them.
George B.
July 12 2023
I just won 50x my bet! This game really has some big wins.
Anna R.
July 15 2023
Had a great time playing this slot. The theme is unique and well-done.
Harold K.
July 20 2023
Loved the idea of being able to buy the Poison Spins. Makes the game even more thrilling.
Eva L.
July 22 2023
The game is a bit too risky for me, but the graphics and sounds are top-notch.
Mike T.
July 25 2023
Had a slow start, but then hit a big win! The high volatility sure makes it exciting.
Linda P.
July 26 2023
The Poison Spins are a great feature. Got lucky with a big win!
Jim H.
July 27 2023
The game's high volatility might not suit everyone, but it's perfect for me.
Ellen M.
July 28 2023
Wish there were more bonus features, but the game is awesome anyway.
Peter W.
July 31 2023
The mobile version is smooth, and the game is super exciting!

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