SlotsPeak Gambling news Light & Wonder Brings the Thrills of Squid Game to Life in New Slot Game

Light & Wonder Brings the Thrills of Squid Game to Life in New Slot Game

Have you heard about this awesome new online slot game called Squid Game: One Lucky Day? Being created by Light & Wonder, the game has already won the hearts of many gambling enthusiasts all over the world. 

This online slot is based on the highly popular Netflix show, called Squid Game. The slot game has a neat 5×4 reel setup, and boasts with a staggering 40 different ways to win.

But there’s more. The game also feature three bonus rounds that are inspired by the challenges from the TV show. Remember Red Light Green Light and Tug of War? Well, now you can experience them in slot game form.

Dylan Slaney, the head of their iGaming division, has expressed his opinion about the job made by their creative teams. He said they did an amazing job of combining the essence of Squid Game with some seriously engaging slot mechanics. He also mentioned that this game showcases their commitment to bringing innovative gaming experiences to players.

Apparently, using popular TV shows and movies in slot games is becoming quite the trend in the gaming industry. In fact, Angus Nisbet, the VP of BetMGM Gaming, talked about this in an exclusive interview. He said that collaborations like these are really important because they help companies stand out in a super competitive market.

One Lucky Day is going to be exclusively available through Bally’s Interactive for the first two weeks after its launch. After that, it will be released worldwide for everyone to enjoy. The team of Light & Wonder think that players and their partners are going to love this game.

According to reports, they’re facing a legal challenge from another company called Aristocrat. Aristocrat claims that Light & Wonder’s Dragon Train game is a little too similar to their own game, Dragon Link. One Lucky Day sounds like a super exciting addition to the world of online slot games. With its unique bonus rounds and ties to the popular TV show, I bet it’s going to be a big hit with players all around the world.

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