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Mega Booming Fruits Slot Review

Game information

Provider 1spin4win
Slot Type Video Slots
Release Date 19-08-2022
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 1024
RTP 97.20%
Volatility High
Minimum Bet (EUR) 0.01
Maximum Bet (EUR) 50
Maximum Win 225000
Slot Theme Fruit Slots
Multiplier x4500
Free Spins No
Bonus Rounds Yes
Buy Bonus No
Wild Symbol No
Scatter Symbol N
Progressive Jackpot No
Welcome Bonus
200% Up to $/€2000
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Multiple Bonuses
  • Unique Slots
Welcome bonus
Up to 500 €+ 250 Freespins
  • Attractive bonus rewards
  • Quick payment processing
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Mega Booming Fruits Online Slot Review

Welcome to the realm of lush, vibrant visuals and immersive soundtracks, where every spin can whisk you away to a land of plentiful wins and excitement. The protagonist of this journey is none other than the Mega Booming Fruits slot, a creation of 1spin4win, known for their remarkable and enjoyable online gaming experiences.

Mega Booming Fruits encapsulates the essence of traditional fruit machines in its visuals, meshed with the thrill and adrenaline of modern-day slots. It’s not just about spinning reels and watching fruits align; it’s about diving headfirst into an adrenaline-rushing, fun-filled adventure. The appeal of this slot lies not only in its visually appealing graphics and enticing theme, but also in the action-packed gameplay it offers. So, let’s delve deeper into this mesmerizing fruit-filled world of potential riches.

Mega Booming Fruits Volatility, RTP, and Max Returns


Navigating the high seas of the iGaming industry, our team found that Mega Booming Fruits falls in the high volatility category. This essentially means that while winnings might not be frequent, when they do come, they come in big! It’s a tantalizing risk that many high rollers find irresistible.


As our tests have shown, the RTP (Return to Player) percentage stands at a solid 97.20%. It’s an enticing figure that sits well above the industry average, offering users a generous theoretical return on their stakes over an extended play period.

Max Win

Speaking of riches, the maximum exposure you can expect is x4500 your bet. In monetary terms, this means you can rake in a whopping €225,000 from a maximum bet of €50. It’s an alluring prospect for any gambler seeking thrilling gaming sessions.

Mega Booming Fruits Pros and Cons

Mega Booming Fruits carries with it an aura of excitement. Gamblers around the globe have echoed their experiences, highlighting the engaging aspects of the game. Still, like any other, it does have its drawbacks.

When stepping into the world of Mega Booming Fruits, users often comment on the smooth conditions and immersive audiovisual experience. The high volatility and above-average RTP also contribute to the allure, offering an appealing balance between risk and reward. There’s also the potential for huge wins, with the maximum exposure reaching an impressive x4500.

However, Mega Booming Fruits is not without its thorns. Some people have noted the lack of a progressive jackpot, which might deter jackpot chasers. The absence of free spins also leaves a little to be desired.



  • Smooth gameplay and high-quality graphics
  • High volatility for big wins
  • Above-average RTP (97.20%)
  • Potential for large payouts with x4500 maximum exposure


  • No progressive jackpot
  • No free spins

Mega Booming Fruits Casino Game by 1spin4win

1spin4win, the mastermind behind Mega Booming Fruits, has become a household name in the iGaming industry. Founded in Malta, this company has climbed the ranks swiftly to become one of the most reliable providers of casino products.

The online gaming market has become quite saturated, with new developers cropping up every other day. In such a competitive environment, 1spin4win has managed to establish a unique position for itself. It has done so through its impressive range of products, all characterized by high-quality graphics, engaging gameplay, and innovative features.

One of 1spin4win’s defining traits is their adherence to fairness and responsible gaming. They’re fully licensed and regulated, ensuring their titles meet the industry’s highest standards. Over the years, they’ve received multiple nominations and accolades, further cementing their place in the iGaming industry.

The Best Casino Software by 1spin4win

1spin4win has made a significant impact on the industry with its diverse range of casino software. They’ve embraced a general development direction that’s player-centric, focusing on what makes activities enjoyable for customers. This includes high RTP rates, detailed and captivating themes, and the option for visitors to explore their games through demo versions.

A hallmark of 1spin4win’s success has been their top-rated slots, such as the exciting Mega Booming Fruits and others, that have garnered widespread user appreciation. Each game offers a unique blend of entertainment and potential rewards, making them a favorite among the online gaming community.

Mega Booming Fruits Storyline, Theme, and Characters

Mega Booming Fruits is a delightful fusion of traditional fruit machines with a modern twist. This title draws you in with its vibrant and colorful theme, where each symbol, from Lucky 7s to Bells, carries its unique charm and potential winnings. The storyline is as simple as it is engaging, inviting people into a world where lining up juicy fruits can lead to tantalizing rewards.

Mega Booming Fruits Gameplay and Basic Rules

Embarking on your Mega Booming Fruits adventure, you’ll find yourself in front of a 5×3 reel setup, offering 1024 ways to win. The game rules are straightforward, even for beginners, making it accessible to a plenty of gamblers. Start your gaming session by selecting your desired bet size, ranging from a minimum of €0.01 to a maximum of €50 per spin. Then, hit the spin button and watch as the colorful fruits and symbols dance across the reels. The goal is to land matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel. The payouts vary based on the type and number of symbols you land, with the Lucky 7 offering the highest payouts.

Mega Booming Fruits Symbols Types and Payouts

Lucky 7

The Lucky 7 is the highest paying logo. When it appears on the reels, it brings good fortune with payouts of x10 for landing two symbols.


Bright and juicy, the orange symbol in Mega Booming Fruits is a feast for the eyes. It also carries an appealing payout of x8 for a pair.


Cherries in Mega Booming Fruits are not just visually appealing, but also carry a rewarding payout. Get two cherries on your reels, and you can expect a win multiplier of x6.


Lemons add a zest of excitement to your game. Land two lemons, and the reward is a zesty x5 multiplier.


Plums in Mega Booming Fruits are anything but plain. Land two plums, and you’ll enjoy a juicy multiplier of x4.


Grapes add a sweet note to the Mega Booming Fruits slot. A pair of grape symbols will reward you with a x3 multiplier.


Ring in the wins with the Bell symbol. Get two on your reels, and you’ll be ringing in a x2 win multiplier.

Mega Booming Fruits Bonus Features

Although Mega Booming Fruits doesn’t offer any standalone bonus features, it makes up for it with its high volatility and generous RTP. Each spin carries the potential for large payouts, thanks to the maximum exposure of x4500 your bet. Additionally, the game offers 1024 ways to win, significantly boosting your chances of reaping rewards with each spin.

Mega Booming Fruits History and Versions

Tracing its roots back to its official launch date on August 19, 2022, Mega Booming Fruits emerged on the online gaming scene as an invigorating mix of old-school charm and advanced gaming technology. Although it didn’t spawn multiple versions or iterations, the original version of Mega Booming Fruits managed to carve its own niche in the saturated realm of online slots. Offering consistent entertainment and generous potential returns, this game has managed to maintain its appeal to both new and experienced users alike.

Mobile Compatibility

The ubiquity of mobile technology in today’s world has made it a necessity for online products to be mobile-friendly. Mega Booming Fruits doesn’t disappoint, offering seamless compatibility across various mobile platforms. Whether you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, commuting on a train, or simply lounging at home, the game delivers a high-quality gaming experience right at your fingertips. The smooth transition of high-quality graphics, immersive sounds, and exciting features to smaller screens ensures that the gameplay remains as breathtaking as it is on desktop versions.

Animation, Sounds, and Graphics

Each element, from the brightly colored fruit symbols to the crystal-clear graphics and fluid animations, creates an immersive visual feast. The developers have also nailed the acoustic aspect. The buoyant and rhythmic background music augments the vibrant visuals, effectively enhancing the overall gaming atmosphere. Indeed, Mega Booming Fruits is more than just a game – it’s a complete sensory experience.


Mega Booming Fruits stands tall as an exceptional blend of entertainment and potential profitability. Its high volatility suggests thrilling unpredictability, while the solid RTP indicates the potential for substantial returns. This intriguing interplay, combined with the straightforward gameplay and visually appealing graphics, caters to a wide spectrum of players. Mega Booming Fruits doesn’t rely on complex bonus features to keep every visitor engaged.

Take a Chance Other Mega Booming Fruits Free Games

If the excitement and thrill of Mega Booming Fruits have you wanting more, don’t fret. In the rich and varied catalog of 1spin4win, you’ll find other equally engaging titles that you can enjoy for free.

  1. Mega Booming Fruits Deluxe: This variant of the original Mega Booming Fruits offers a similar layout but with an added Deluxe touch. It comes with an RTP of 96.8%, slightly lower than its predecessor but still offering promising potential returns. The volatility is medium, making it a more balanced choice for those seeking both smaller frequent wins and larger but less frequent ones. The maximum win here is x5000, giving you a chance to secure even more significant rewards.
  2. Mega Booming Fruits Classic: If you enjoyed the nostalgia of Mega Booming Fruits, you would appreciate this variant. It sticks to the original classic slot machine design, keeping things simple yet engaging. The RTP stands at 96.7%, and the game features medium volatility. The maximum win is x4000, still providing you with ample opportunities to win big.
  3. Mega Booming Fruits Pro: A slot machine for those wanting to take their iGaming experience to another level. Mega Booming Fruits Pro offers a higher RTP of 97.3% and high volatility, making it an excellent choice for risk-takers who aren’t afraid to bet big for potential high returns. The maximum win stands at a whopping x6000, raising the stakes even higher.

These variants offer you an exciting opportunity to continue your gaming journey while exploring different features and gameplay elements. Each version maintains the superb mobile compatibility of the original, so you can enjoy these titles wherever and whenever you want. 

Author’s Personal Opinion

As a seasoned professional in the iGaming industry, I have come across a myriad of slots, each with its distinct appeal. Mega Booming Fruits, with its vivid graphics, high volatility, and potential for sizable returns, has managed to carve a unique niche for itself. While the addition of bonus features or free spins might have added another dimension to the game, the existing features provide thoroughly enjoyable gaming conditions. Based on my extensive experience, Mega Booming Fruits is a slot that I would highly recommend to players who value simplicity and thrill in equal measure.

FAQ in Mega Booming Fruits

What is the RTP of Mega Booming Fruits?
The Return to Player (RTP) of Mega Booming Fruits is 97.20%, indicating a potentially high return for players over extended gameplay.
Does Mega Booming Fruits have a free spins feature?
No, Mega Booming Fruits does not include a free spins feature in its gameplay.
Is Mega Booming Fruits compatible with mobile devices?
Yes, the slot machine is designed to be compatible with various mobile devices, offering a seamless gaming experience on the go.
What is the volatility of Mega Booming Fruits?
Mega Booming Fruits is a high volatility game, suggesting a higher risk but potentially significant returns for users.
Does Mega Booming Fruits offer bonus rounds?
No, Mega Booming Fruits does not include bonus rounds in its gameplay.
What is the minimum and maximum bet in Mega Booming Fruits?
The minimum bet is €0.01, while the maximum bet is €50.
What are the symbols in Mega Booming Fruits?
The game features classic fruit-themed symbols such as cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, grapes, bells, and Lucky 7s.
What is the maximum exposure in Mega Booming Fruits?
The maximum exposure is x4500.
Is there a progressive jackpot in Mega Booming Fruits?
No, Mega Booming Fruits does not feature a progressive jackpot.
Who is the provider of Mega Booming Fruits?
Mega Booming Fruits is provided by 1spin4win, a reputable name in the iGaming industry.

Comments by Mega Booming Fruits Players

Justin P.
August 29 2022
Stumbled upon Mega Booming Fruits accidentally, and I'm totally hooked now. The graphics are astonishing and the gameplay is intense. Great slot overall!
Sarah M.
September 03 2022
I've been playing slots for a while now and I must say, Mega Booming Fruits is unique. The high volatility keeps me on edge and the payouts are decent. Love it!
Tim B.
September 07 2022
Not having free spins is a bummer but the RTP makes up for it. Winning feels great in this slot!
Vanessa G.
One of my fav things about Mega Booming Fruits is the mobile compatibility. Being able to play on my phone wherever I am is a gigantic plus!
Harry T.
September 20 2022
Brilliant slot! Love the vibrant colors and smooth animations. Gameplay is straightforward and fun. Five stars from me.
Laura K.
September 23 2022
This slot might not have all the fancy features, but it certainly keeps you entertained. Nice work, 1spin4win.
Adrian W.
September 30 2022
Honestly, the sound effects and music really make the game for me. Always gets me desiring some fruit-themed slots!
Chloe D.
October 06 2022
Mega Booming Fruits doesn't disappoint. It's a high volatility slot with generous payouts. Can't ask for more!
Ethan J.
October 12 2022
The game’s theme is classic, and the design is visually pleasing. Thoroughly enjoyed my gaming sessions.
Megan L.
October 20 2022
While I do wish there were bonus rounds, the game is thrilling nonetheless. It’s perfect for a quick play session.
Fiona R.
October 25 2022
Just gave Mega Booming Fruits a spin for the first time, and it exceeded my expectations! A bit of a throwback with the fruit theme, but the high volatility makes it super exciting.
Leo S.
October 28 2022
I appreciate the simple yet engaging gameplay of Mega Booming Fruits. The graphics are awesome, and the payout potential is good. Definitely going to keep playing.
Grace N.
November 02 2022
Played Mega Booming Fruits on my iPad and the game ran flawlessly. It's great to see a slot game offering such smooth mobile compatibility. Kudos to the developers.
Zachary T.
November 07 2022
I’ve played a lot of fruit-themed slots, and I must say Mega Booming Fruits has one of the best designs. The gameplay is simple and the RTP is impressive. A great slot for all types of players.
Isabel W.
November 12 2022
Mega Booming Fruits brings the classic slot feel to the online platform. It’s easy to understand and play, and the potential returns are quite attractive. Enjoyed it!

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