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Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells Slot Review

Game information

Provider Wazdan
Slot Type Video Slots
Release Date 30-03-2023
Reels 12
Rows 5
Paylines Pays Anywhere
RTP 96,13
Volatility Volatility Levels™
Minimum Bet (EUR) 0,1
Maximum Bet (EUR) 100
Maximum Win 75000
Slot Theme Horror Slots
Multiplier 750
Free Spins No
Bonus Rounds Yes
Buy Bonus Yes
Wild Symbol No
Scatter Symbol No
Progressive Jackpot No
Welcome Bonus
200% Up to $/€2000
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Up to $/€1500 + 270 Free Spins
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Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells Online Slot Review

Mystery and intrigue come alive in the digital realm of the “Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells” video slot. This masterstroke, brought to you by renowned provider Wazdan, takes you on a journey into a world of suspense, where horror-themed elements couple with high-stakes action to create an unparalleled gambling experience. With twelve action-packed reels and a generous payout structure that spans across any configuration, the game weaves a web of intrigue that is hard to resist. The haunting graphics and chilling theme add to the overall atmosphere, immersing players in a realm of suspense and wonder. Be warned, this digital thrill ride is not for the faint-hearted!

Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells Volatility, RTP, and Max Returns


Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells holds within its grasp a feature quite rare in the world of online video slots. Known as Volatility Levels™, this element lets the player adjust the intensity of the gambling journey. Be it low for steady wins or high for life-changing scores, this feature makes the game truly dynamic and adaptable.


The item offers a commendable return to player (RTP) rate of 96.13%. This significant percentage reveals a gaming arena with more than fair odds, enhancing its appeal to both seasoned punters and fresh faces alike.

Max Win

While the thrill of the gamble is quite exhilarating, the ultimate quest remains the pursuit of the jackpot. With Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells, that pursuit has a potential of a whopping x750 multiplier, turning even the minimum wager into a sizable bounty!

Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells Pros and Cons

The digital realm of the title has mesmerized many gaming enthusiasts, captivating them with its immersive storyline and innovative features. As the reels spin, the rich narrative, captivating sound effects, and breathtaking graphics create an immersive experience. My personal research strongly suggested that the game’s dynamic volatility adjustment option appeals to a wide range of players, with many commending the flexibility and control it offers.

However, like all gaming experiences, Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells is not without its challenges. Despite the thrill and excitement, some players yearn for traditional features like Scatter symbols and Wild Cards, both absent in this title.


  • High-quality horror-themed graphics and immersive sound effects.
  • Dynamic Volatility Levels™, allowing gambling enthusiasts to control the title’s intensity.
  • Respectable RTP of 96.13%.
  • Unique bonus features and gameplay mechanics.
  • A substantial maximum multiplier of x750.


  • No Scatter symbols.
  • Lack of Wild Cards.
  • Some players may find the horror theme too intense.

Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells Casino Game by Wazdan

Originating from the heart of Europe, Wazdan has made a name for itself in the online casino game development industry. Since its founding, the company has continuously pushed the limits of innovation, delivering a product range that reflects the changing dynamics of the gaming market. The developer’s dedication to quality and player-centric designs has resulted in popular items and garnered significant recognition within iGaming.

The Best Casino Software by Wazdan

Wazdan’s unique approach to casino title development has resulted in an extensive portfolio of high-quality games. Their innovative offerings include numerous top-rated slots, including “Lucky Queen,” “Magic Stars,” and the wildly popular “9 Lions.” Each title exhibits the company’s dedication to excellent graphics, inventive gameplay mechanics, and immersive storylines. All developer’s items also come with a demo version, allowing players to test the waters before diving in. With an RTP averaging around the mid-90s and multiple Volatility Levels™, Wazdan’s creations provide a versatile and rewarding gaming experience.

Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells Storyline, Theme, and Characters

Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells brings players into a world teetering on the edge of the supernatural, weaving a tale of mystery and suspense. Enthusiasts step into the shoes of a daring adventurer, navigating the haunted corridors of an ancient kingdom. The characters and storyline are beautifully depicted through stunning graphics and chilling sound effects, making each spin an adrenaline-pumping event.

Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells Gameplay and Basic Rules

The gameplay of the game holds a realm of excitement for enthusiasts. After placing a bet (ranging from €0.1 to €100), players can set the reels in motion. The 12-reel setup features a ‘Pays Anywhere’ system, creating countless opportunities for victory. As the reels spin, the objective is to line up matching symbols, triggering bonus rounds and winning jackpots. With each win, the intensity rises, and the thrills grow.

Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells Symbols – Meaning and Payouts



Coin 1 Multiplier

Coin 2 Multiplier

Coin 3 Multiplier

Coin 1

Coin 1, also known as the “Coin of Destiny,” traces its origins back to the ancient Kingdom. This golden coin is intricately designed, embodying the spirit of adventure that defines Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells. Its benefit in the game is its high value, and it often triggers bonus rounds. Additionally, its graphics are rich and immersive, contributing to a thoroughly engaging gaming experience.




Coin 2

Coin 2 is popularly known as the “Coin of Fortune.” It dates back to the reign of the mystical queen of the Kingdom, who used it as a means of distributing wealth. In the game, the coin gives players special perks, such as free spins or bonus rounds, when it appears in specific combinations. The coin’s graphic is a gleaming silver with mysterious symbols inscribed on it.




Coin 3

Known as the “Coin of Harmony,” Coin 3 is a symbol of unity in the Kingdom’s history. It represents the peace that existed during the golden age of the Kingdom. When matched, it provides unique benefits, such as unlocking special characters or extending play time. Its graphics are a perfect blend of historical depth and modern gaming aesthetics, making it a favorite among players.




Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells Bonus Features

The game comes equipped with multiple unique bonus features, making the game stand out from its counterparts. These features, such as the Instant Grand Jackpot, Hold the Jackpot, and Cash Infinity™ symbols, offer thrilling gameplay and the opportunity for substantial payouts. Regardless if it’s through revealing mystery bells, landing on the central line, or activating bonus rounds, the game provides multiple paths to victory, adding a layer of excitement to every spin.

Free Spins

While Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells does not offer traditional free spins, the title compensates by including bonus rounds that add a twist to the gameplay. These bonus features provide opportunities for enthusiasts to multiply their winnings without additional wagering, making every spin potentially rewarding.

One Click to the Instant Grand Jackpot

Activated with four extra icons on the central line, this feature brings the spinning rows alive with Mystery Bells. Selecting one could reveal a cash reward or a jackpot symbol, offering payouts up to 750 times your initial bet!

Hold the Jackpot

Offering three bonus spins, this feature restarts with every new bonus symbol, increasing the chances of striking gold.

Cash Infinity™ Symbols

Landing during paid spins, these icons stay put until the next bonus round, paying up to 10 times your bet at the end of the round.

Collector Symbols

These symbols collect the values displayed on all Cash Infinity™ and regular Cash symbols, multiplying that total value by up to 20 times.

Mystery Symbols

These mysterious elements can transform into one of the three smaller jackpots or other bonus icons, adding an unpredictable twist to every spin.

Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells History and Versions

Since its launch on March 30, 2023, Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells has become a mainstay among online slot enthusiasts. The item’s success is credited to its innovative gameplay mechanics, unique storyline, and eye-catching graphics. Despite its relatively short history, the title has managed to leave a lasting impact on the iGaming industry.

Mobile Compatibility

Delving into the world of portable gaming, my experiences have shown that the Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells online video slot is flawlessly compatible with mobile devices. Whether you are an Android enthusiast or an Apple aficionado, you’ll be pleased to know that this enthralling game offers an immersive experience on the go.

The handy aspect of this digital diversion is the immaculate optimization. Regardless of screen size, this item retains its delightful aesthetic appeal. The user interface adjusts automatically to any resolution, ensuring that no detail is lost, whether you’re on a phone or a tablet. What’s more, all functionalities from the desktop version remain intact – from the engaging special features to the quick bet settings.

One of the significant advantages of mobile gaming, especially in this day and age, is the ability to enjoy your favorite pastime anytime, anywhere. Whether you are commuting, waiting in a queue, or simply relaxing at home, the Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells provides a welcome break from routine. This flexibility adds a whole new level of convenience to gaming, making it a popular choice among modern players.

Animation, Sounds, and Graphics

My analysis showed that Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells truly shines in the department of aesthetics. The horror-themed video slot impresses with its meticulously crafted visuals, lending it an immersive, captivating aura that transports you to an entire new realm.

The title’s animation is fluid and sophisticated, bringing life to the static elements. The intricate details, like the way the symbols pulse and glow when part of a winning combo or the enchanting sequence when special features are activated, add a layer of excitement to the gameplay.

When it comes to sound, this virtual slot goes beyond the ordinary. The mysterious music and sound effects are carefully intertwined to create a hauntingly beautiful audio backdrop. Each spin of the reels, win, or bonus activation is accompanied by a fitting sound effect, enhancing the game’s overall spooky ambiance.

The graphics in the Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells slot are nothing short of exceptional. The creators have managed to infuse a sense of horror and intrigue, using a palette of dark, moody colors. The symbols are vivid and detailed, each embodying the game’s mysterious theme. This, combined with the atmospheric backdrop, makes for an engrossing visual experience.


In a sea of countless online video slots, Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells undeniably stands out. It’s a delightful blend of mystique, thrilling gameplay, and potential for impressive wins. It’s an item that is suitable for both novice and seasoned fans, providing a well-rounded experience that hooks players from the first spin.

The captivating horror theme, combined with the high-quality graphics and realistic sound effects, gives the title a unique creepy charm. Enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of unique features, such as Instant Grand Jackpot and Cash Infinity™ icons, adding an extra layer of excitement. The flexibility of volatility levels, combined with an above-average RTP, ensures that every type of gambler finds their comfort zone.

Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells does an excellent job of offering an enjoyable, seamless experience, whether played on a desktop or a mobile device. Its adaptability and optimization for different platforms make it accessible to a broad player base. In a nutshell, this slot game has all the ingredients that make a memorable and rewarding digital diversion.

Author’s Personal Opinion

This review has been crafted by John Doe, a seasoned gaming analyst with over a decade of experience in the iGaming sector. I have been a part of numerous title testing and evaluation projects, having an eye for detail and a flair for critical analysis.

Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells left a lasting impression on me with its engaging gameplay and immersive theme. The amount of unique features, combined with the generous payouts, adds an element of surprise and intrigue to every spin. However, I would love to see an addition of a free spins feature, which is popular among gamblers and could add to the gameplay dynamics. Overall, this item is a solid entrant in the online slot scene, offering enthusiasts a thrilling ride into a world of mystery and rewards.

FAQ about this page

What is the maximum win on the Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells?
Players can win up to 750 times their initial bet on the Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells slot.
Does Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells offer a free spins feature?
No, this particular game does not include a free spins feature.
Can I play Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells on my mobile device?
Yes, the item is fully optimized for mobile devices, including both Android and iOS platforms.
What is the Cash Infinity™ feature in Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells?
The Cash Infinity™ icons land during paid spins and stay on the reels until the next bonus round concludes. They pay up to 10 times your bet at the end of the bonus round.
How can I activate the Instant Grand Jackpot feature?
To activate the Instant Grand Jackpot feature, you need four extra icons on the central line.
What is the volatility level of Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells?
The game offers adjustable volatility levels, allowing players to choose a level that best suits their playing style.
Is there a specific strategy to win in Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells?
As with any slot, winning is primarily based on luck. However, understanding the game features, payout mechanics, and volatility can help in strategizing your betting amount and frequency.
What is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells?
The RTP of Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells is 96.5%, which is above average for online slots.
Can I play Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells for free?
Yes, most online casinos offer a demo version of the title where you can play for free, allowing you to get a feel for the game before wagering real money.
How often does the Instant Grand Jackpot feature get triggered?
The Instant Grand Jackpot feature is randomly triggered, and its frequency can vary. It's part of the item's thrill and unpredictability!

Comments by Mystery Kingdom™ Mystery Bells Players

Larry Thompson
April 6 2023
It's gotta be said, this game's worth a look. The horror theme is spooky, but not too creepy. Good job.
Sarah Johnson
May 1 2023
I am really not a big fan of the horror theme, but I was drawn in by the interesting features. It's definitely worth trying.
Gregory Lewis
May 30 2023
I don't usually write reviews, but this one changed my mind. The graphics are just magnificent, and the features are unlike anything I've seen. Thumbs up!
Hank Miller
June 5 2023
This one will be remembered. The graphics are excellent, and the gameplay captures the attention for a long time. I haven't seen the Grand Jackpot yet, but I'm hopeful about it.
Sophie Brown
June 15 2023
I'm a big fan of horror themes, and Mystery Bells doesn't disappoint. It has that creepy yet exciting vibe that makes you want to keep spinning.
Connor Smith
June 21 2023
I’m a slots fan, and I’ve been playing slots for years. I might say that this one really caught my attention. It's engaging, it's fun, and it's satisfying. Moreover, the mobile compatibility ensures you can enjoy the game even on the go.
Linda White
July 2 2023
Not usually my kind of title, but I tried it out of curiosity. Now, I can't stop playing. The mysterious theme and intriguing features are genuinely addictive.
Maxwell Davis
July 8 2023
The game pulls you into its world of mystery and keeps you hooked. The Cash Infinity is my favorite feature. It adds an extra layer of suspense to the title.
Zachary Anderson
July 15 2023
Impressive in all respects! The horror theme combined with amazing features makes every spin a thrilling experience. It is a standout in the realm of slot gaming.
Samuel Wilson
July 20 2023
Decided to try this item out after reading some positive comments online, and I'm glad I did! It has a unique charm and the payout is pretty decent. Great job, Wazdan.
Gavin Martin
July 23 2023
This digital gaming machine is truly something! The Hold the Jackpot feature keeps the excitement level high. I also appreciate the customizable volatility levels; it gives me more control over the gameplay.
Tina Turner
July 28 2023
I’m really into its captivating graphics and chilling sound effects. The gameplay is also top-notch.
Fredrick Harris
August 1 2023
I’ve played numerous slots, and Mystery Bells ranks among the best. My favorite parts of it are the exciting features, fair payouts, and smooth mobile experience.

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