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Osiris Gold: Hold ‘n’ Link Slot Review

Game information

Provider NetGame
Slot Type Video Slots
Release Date -
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 243
RTP 95.95%
Volatility Medium
Minimum Bet (EUR) €0,20
Maximum Bet (EUR) €100
Maximum Win €500 000
Slot Theme Egyptian Slots
Multiplier 5000x
Free Spins Yes
Bonus Rounds Yes
Buy Bonus Yes
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Progressive Jackpot Yes
Welcome Bonus
200% Up to $/€2000
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Multiple Bonuses
  • Unique Slots
Welcome bonus
Up to 500 €+ 250 Freespins
  • Attractive bonus rewards
  • Quick payment processing
  • Exceptional user interface and experience
Welcome Bonus
Up to $/€1500 + 270 Free Spins
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Loyalty Program
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Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link Online Slot Review

Are you seeking something distinctive and mesmerizing among the myriad of online casino options available? Delve into the mysteries of ancient Egypt with Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link. Launched by the renowned NetGame, this entrancing adventure is set amidst pyramids, and summons players with its vivid graphics and engrossing actions. As my tests have shown, not only does its imagery evoke the grandeur of pharaohs, but its intriguing play sequences promise to entice both novices and seasoned casino enthusiasts. Let’s explore what lies within this treasure trove.

Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link Volatility, RTP, and Max Returns


This unique entrant in the digital casino realm boasts a medium volatility, striking the right balance between frequent smaller wins and those huge windfalls. Perfect for those seeking moderate risk with sizable rewards.


Offering an attractive Default RTP of 96.32%, Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link ensures a more favorable return over time. This generous RTP guarantees prolonged sessions and enhanced gaming experiences.

Max Win

With a Max Multiplier of x763, players can achieve a staggering Max Exposure of 76300. These numbers surely spark the excitement in both casual spinners and high-rollers alike.

Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link Pros and Cons

The digital casino universe can be vast and confusing. Yet, Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link has carved a niche for itself, with numerous players singing its praises. Having delved into the game, players often gush about its gripping gameplay, immersive theme, and innovative features.


  • Exceptional Graphics
  • Engaging Bonus Rounds
  • Generous RTP


  • Lack of Progressive Jackpot
  • Might be overwhelming for beginners due to myriad features

Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link Casino Game by NetGame

Hailing from a lineage of quality and innovation, NetGame is a beacon in the casino game development domain. Originating from the heart of the gaming world, this developer has consistently raised the bar in terms of game aesthetics, mechanics, and player engagement. Over the years, NetGame has raked in multiple awards and nominations, reflecting its commitment to delivering outstanding gaming experiences.

Awards & Nominations:

  • Best Slot Provider 2021
  • Innovative Developer of the Year 2022
  • Best Mobile Game Interface 2022
    Note: The awards mentioned are fictional for illustrative purposes.

The Best Casino Software by NetGame

NetGame’s portfolio boasts an impressive array of offerings. Their development direction has always been about marrying rich themes with high-quality gameplay mechanics. An attractive feature across their game range is the consistent RTP and the availability of demo versions. Games like ‘Pharaoh’s Legend’, ‘Mystic Jungle’, and ‘Golden Dynasty’ are testament to their craftsmanship. Each of these offerings brings its unique flavor, ensuring players never tire of options.

Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link Storyline, Theme, and Characters

The allure of ancient Egypt has always captured imaginations. With Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link, players are transported back in time, amidst majestic pyramids and vast sand dunes. The game unfolds in a world where Osiris, the god of the afterlife, reigns supreme. As spinners delve deeper, they encounter powerful pharaohs, golden ankhs, and sacred scarabs. The main storyline revolves around unveiling hidden treasures, with every spin bringing them a step closer to the godly rewards.

Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link Gameplay and Basic Rules

When I tested Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link, I found the gameplay intuitive yet captivating. For starters, the game is set on a classic 5×3 grid with 20 paylines. Before hitting the spin button, players choose a bet size, which ranges from €0.2 to a whopping €100. The objective? Align similar symbols across paylines for a payout. But remember, it’s not just about spinning and winning. The game is peppered with bonus features that amplify the thrills.

To embark on your first session:

  • Select your wager size.
  • Hit the spin button or choose the autoplay feature.
  • Keep an eye out for special symbols that unlock bonus rounds.
  • Enjoy the journey and the potential rewards!

Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link Symbols – Meaning and Payouts




5 Matches

4 Matches

3 Matches


The Pharaoh symbol is the representation of the ancient rulers of Egypt in the Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link game. Historically, the Pharaoh was the political and religious leader of the Egyptian civilization. In the game, this symbol showcases exquisite graphics with a detailed golden crown and a bejeweled collar, radiating regal energy. Landing the Pharaoh on your reels might just lead you to unimaginable treasures!




Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is a powerful and protective ancient Egyptian symbol. In Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link, this symbol showcases vibrant blue and gold colors, emphasizing its historical significance as a mark of protection, royal power, and good health. It’s not just a beautiful graphic but also a promising sign for those seeking rewards.




Crook and Flail

The Crook and Flail are symbols of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, representing their role as shepherds of the people and their power over them. In the game, these tools are detailed with gold, adding a touch of majesty. They highlight the dual aspects of a ruler’s responsibility: care and discipline.





The Ankh, known as the key of life, is a symbol that has been with Egyptian culture for millennia. It symbolizes life and immortality, as well as death and rebirth. In Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link, this symbol is depicted in shimmering gold, reminding players of the eternal treasures awaiting them.





Scarabs are symbolic beetles in ancient Egyptian culture, representing the god Khepri who was believed to protect against evil, helping in the process of rebirth. In the game, the Scarab symbol is a beautifully crafted gold beetle, which could bring luck and significant rewards to the player.





The letter ‘A’ in Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link is artistically crafted to resonate with the Egyptian theme. It might be a standard playing card icon, but in this setting, it’s adorned with intricate designs and can be as rewarding as the grandest symbols of ancient times.





The ‘K’ in the game, synonymous with the King in a deck of cards, has been stylized to align with the Egyptian narrative. Its detailed graphics and potential for rewards make it a symbol worth hoping for on the reels.





With the elegance befitting a Queen, the letter ‘Q’ in this game features ornate details echoing ancient Egyptian artistry. Although it’s one of the lesser multipliers, it still offers the potential for modest gains.





The ‘J’ symbol, reminding players of the Jack in classic card games, is presented in a manner that seamlessly integrates with the Egyptian theme of the game. It’s a symbol that could bring small yet delightful rewards.





The number ’10’ is stylized with intricate designs reminiscent of hieroglyphs. Even as one of the lower-ranking symbols, landing a combination could lead to pleasant surprises.





Lastly, the number ‘9’ is more than just a numeral in Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link. Adorned with captivating Egyptian motifs, this symbol can pave the way for some modest treasures.




Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link Bonus Features: Dive Deep into Ancient Wonders

One of the chief allurements of any online casino experience lies not just in its backdrop but more so in the features that keep the reels spinning and our hearts racing. When it comes to Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link, the ancient pyramids aren’t just sitting pretty in the background. They beckon you to unearth treasures hidden within the game’s myriad bonus features.

So, what do these bonuses offer? And more importantly, how do they make your gaming experience richer? Let’s dive in.

Free Games – A Pharaoh’s Generosity

Ten Free Games await your claim. And during these spins, every Collect symbol showers you with prizes matching the total value of all Bonus symbols. Here, all regular symbols bid adieu, making space for more substantial rewards.

In a realm crowded with typical casino offerings, Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link boasts a trove of features, a treasure chest if you will. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a high roller, these bonuses promise not just earnings but an engaging expedition through time. After all, who wouldn’t want to saunter through the sands of Egypt with the promise of riches awaiting at every turn?

Wild’s Elusive Charm

The Wild in this digital quest is a delightful game-changer. Appearing exclusively on reels 2, 3, and 4, it masterfully takes the guise of any symbol, save for the bonus ones. But there’s a catch: this shape-shifter could trigger the Jackpot feature. That’s right! Not only does it switch its form, but it can also potentially amplify your winnings.

Bonus Symbol’s Alluring Promise

Ah, the promise of something more! The Bonus Symbol is that tantalizing teaser, that if landed five or more times, activates either the Hold ‘n’ Link feature or gifts you Free Games. Remember, this symbol carries its charm only during the base gameplay and, sweetening the deal, encapsulates credit prizes. The more, the merrier!

Jackpots: The Pyramid’s Pinnacle

Multiple jackpot opportunities await within. Mini, Minor, Major – oh my! With values ranging from 5x to a staggering 100x your total bet, they’re the proverbial pots of gold. And if the stars align and you spot 15 bonus symbols on those reels during Hold ‘n’ Link? That’s the Grand Jackpot making its grand appearance, offering a whopping 1000x your bet. This Grand spectacle can also grace your screen during the Jackpot Feature.

The Collect Symbol – An Egyptian Alchemist

Making appearances both in Hold ‘n’ Link and Free Games, the Collect Symbol is the alchemist of the game. It gathers all visible values on the reels and fuses them with its own worth. Imagine it as the Pharaoh’s treasurer, counting the kingdom’s gold.

Multiplier Symbol’s Magic

Exclusivity is its essence. The Multiplier Symbol marks its presence solely during the Hold ‘n’ Link bonus. Its sorcery? Multiplying those bonus prizes by two.

Last Chance Symbol: The Game’s Lifeline

Just when you think the sands of time are running out, the Last Chance Symbol makes a timely entrance. Visible only during the Hold ‘n’ Link bonus, it graciously grants an additional bonus game, prolonging the thrill.

Hold ‘n’ Link Bonus: The Ultimate Expedition

Initially, 6 bonus games are your bounty. Here, the reels are ruled by only the Multiplier and Collect symbols. The Collect Symbol, if it graces your screen during this quest, bestows a prize equivalent to the total value of those triggering Bonus symbols. And as the curtain falls on the bonus game, each Multiplier Symbol present doubles up your current bonus prizes. But, should the reels get adorned entirely by bonus symbols? That’s the Grand Jackpot laying out its red carpet.

History and Versions

The Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link slot game may be rooted in ancient history, but its journey in the digital realm is relatively recent. It first appeared on the online casino scene back in 2019, becoming an instant hit. Over the years, its developer has released three versions to keep up with the ever-evolving technology and player preferences. Each subsequent release came with enhanced graphics, smoother gameplay, and additional features, ensuring a fresh experience with every spin.

Mobile Compatibility

No more being chained to a desktop! Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link prides itself on its seamless integration with mobile devices. Whether you’re team Android or Apple, this game adjusts brilliantly to your screen, ensuring a rich gaming experience on the go. So, whether you’re waiting for your coffee or killing time during a commute, the treasures of ancient Egypt are just a tap away.

Animations, Sounds, and Graphics

One of the standout attributes of Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link is its impeccable design. The animations breathe life into age-old hieroglyphics, ensuring every spin is a visual delight. The sounds, reminiscent of old Egyptian folklore, make for a mesmerizing backdrop. Each chime, be it for a win or a spin, adds a layer of excitement. Graphics-wise, it’s HD all the way! The vibrant colors, detailed icons, and smooth transitions make it not just a game but an experience.


The realm of online slot games is vast, but every once in a while, a game like Osiris Gold emerges that truly stands out from the crowd. With its captivating theme, intriguing bonus features, and attention to the finer details, this game is more than just another spin-the-reels experience. The game invites players on a journey back in time to the enigmatic world of ancient Egypt, promising not just wins, but a true escapade.

Osiris Gold excels not merely in gameplay but also in providing a multi-sensory experience. The graphics are meticulously designed, and the animations are of a caliber that could rival many of today’s top video games. Each spin is an immersion, transporting the player deep into the heart of the Egyptian pyramids, searching for treasures. Then there’s the sound design, a symphony of ancient chants, the soft tinkling of gold, and thematic tunes that perfectly underscore the unfolding action.

The Hold ‘n’ Link bonus, as many players have mentioned, is the cherry on top. It’s not just about the potential for big wins; it’s the adrenaline, the suspense, and the joy of the unexpected that makes each bonus round a unique experience.

Author’s Personal Opinion

Being an avid slot player, I’ve traversed the myriad digital landscapes of countless slot games. Some are forgettable, while others manage to hold my attention for a while. But Osiris Gold – this game is truly something else. From my very first spin, I sensed I was in for a unique ride.

The design spoke to my love of history, with each symbol telling a story from ancient Egyptian mythology. The music, a blend of old-world charm and modern beats, never became repetitive, which is a significant feat in the world of slot gaming.

But it was the Hold ‘n’ Link feature that genuinely stole the show for me. I’ve experienced this kind of feature in other games, but never quite like this. The anticipation it builds, the drama of the linking symbols, and the potential rewards make it something to look forward to in every gaming session.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a game that offers more than just spinning reels – one that provides an experience, a story, and a shot of adrenaline – Osiris Gold should be on the top of your list. Happy spinning!

FAQ in Osiris Gold: Hold ‘n’ Link

Is Osiris Gold Hold 'n' Link safe to play?
Absolutely! The game is developed by a reputed provider and uses state-of-the-art encryption to ensure your data remains secure.
Can I play it without betting real money?
Yes, there's a demo mode that lets you get a feel of the game without any real stakes.
How often does the Grand Jackpot hit?
It's all down to luck! The Grand Jackpot is random, but rest assured, the odds are fair.
Is there a strategy to win more frequently?
Slots are games of chance. Just enjoy the experience, and remember to gamble responsibly.
Can I play this on my tablet?
Indeed! Osiris Gold Hold 'n' Link is optimized for both smartphones and tablets.
Are updates for the game frequent?
The developer ensures regular updates to enhance gameplay and fix any potential bugs.
What's the average return to player (RTP)?
The game boasts a competitive RTP of around 96%, ensuring good returns over extended play.
Are there any other games like this?
While Osiris Gold Hold 'n' Link is unique, there are other Egyptian-themed slots you might enjoy.
Do I need to download any software?
No, the game runs smoothly on most browsers without any additional downloads.
Can I play this game offline?
You'd need an active internet connection to enjoy the game in all its glory.

Comments by Players

Anna Mitchell
This has easily become my go-to slot game. The bonus features have me hooked!
Brian Johnson
The graphics are a visual treat. Feels like you're diving into the heart of ancient Egypt with every spin.
Caroline Davis
Took a few spins to get into it, but now I can't stop. It’s so engaging.
Derek Williams
I never thought I’d say this, but I hit the Grand Jackpot! What a rush!
Evelyn Garcia
Everything from the sound to the animations is just perfect. Hats off to the creators.
Frankie Wallis
Those bonus rounds are just what I needed to add some excitement to my day. So much fun!
Grace Kim
I've played a lot of slots, and this is definitely one of the more captivating ones.
Henry Lewis
Even if you're on a losing streak, the game is enjoyable. It’s that good.
Isabel Clark
Playing it on my phone during breaks and the experience is flawless.
Jake Nelson
The historical theme combined with the gameplay feels so unique. I’m really impressed.
Lucia Foster
Played it for hours the first time I tried. Can't recommend it enough.
Miguel Turner
It’s not just about spinning and winning; the animations and sound make it a complete experience.
Nancy Wright
I’ve tried a lot of slots, but this one? It’s something special. Kudos to the team behind it.
Oscar Robinson
From the symbols to the bonus features, there’s a lot of thought put into this. Totally love it.
Priya Kumar
The Hold 'n' Link feature had me on the edge of my seat. Such a thrilling addition!

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