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Game information

Provider 3 Oaks
Slot Type Video Slots
Release Date -
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 25
RTP 96.20%
Volatility Medium
Minimum Bet (EUR) 0.20
Maximum Bet (EUR) 60.00
Maximum Win 30,000
Slot Theme Egyptian Slots
Multiplier 500x
Free Spins Yes
Bonus Rounds Yes
Buy Bonus No
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Progressive Jackpot No
Welcome Bonus
200% Up to $/€2000
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Multiple Bonuses
  • Unique Slots
Welcome bonus
Up to 500 €+ 250 Freespins
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  • Quick payment processing
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Sun of Egypt 2 Online Slot Review

Dive into a realm of golden treasures, ancient myths, and thrilling action with the captivating Sun of Egypt 2. This creation, a sequel by the revered 3 Oaks, transports players to the heart of Ancient Egypt, taking them through the captivating world of Pharaohs, pyramids, and priceless relics. Visually, it’s a journey unlike any other, teeming with alluring graphics that bring to life the rich tapestry of this age-old civilization. The action? Electrifying. Here’s a peek into this enchanting game’s key offerings.

Sun of Egypt 2 Volatility, RTP, and Max Returns


The game offers medium volatility, balancing out regular, smaller wins with occasional larger payouts. Ideal for those who seek thrill but with minimal risk.


With an RTP of 95.64%, this video slot ensures that players have a decent chance at recovering their stakes over time, making it an attractive choice for many.

Max Win

A potentially life-altering multiplier of x5000 on your bet awaits. With the max exposure set at 300000, the riches of the Pharaohs are well within grasp!

Sun of Egypt 2 Pros and Cons

Engaging with myriad gamers and compiling their experiences with this sequel, a fascinating narrative emerged. Many praised its exhilarating features, while some wished for tweaks. Let’s delve deeper.


  • Immersive Ancient Egyptian theme.
  • Generous bonus rounds and free spins.
  • Stunning graphics and sound effects.


  • No progressive jackpot.
  • Might feel repetitive for some.

Sun of Egypt 2 Casino Game by 3 Oaks

3 Oaks has taken the casino industry by storm. An undisputed leader, this company continually innovates, bringing captivating products to gambling aficionados. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their nominations and awards over recent years, showcasing their dominance in the iGaming sector.

The Best Casino Software by 3 Oaks

With an unwavering commitment to stellar content, 3 Oaks has pioneered several masterpieces. Focusing on captivating themes, high RTP, and the provision of demo versions, the brand ensures gamblers are always entertained. Some of their top-rated creations include Pearl Diver, Scarab Temple, and Moon Sisters.

Sun of Egypt 2 Storyline, Theme, and Characters

Unraveling the tapestry of Ancient Egypt, Sun of Egypt 2 immerses players in a tale of opulence, mystique, and adventure. From majestic Pharaohs to divine deities, the game’s characters are meticulously crafted. As players navigate through pyramids, they’re transported to an era of unrivaled grandeur, with every spin revealing a chapter of this enthralling history.

Sun of Egypt 2 Gameplay and Basic Rules

Stepping into the golden sands for the first time? Fear not. Start by placing your bet, ranging from €0.25 to €60. With 25 paylines across 5 reels and 3 rows, the game promises endless excitement. Trigger the bonus rounds or land on the free spins to maximize your winnings.

Sun of Egypt 2 Symbols – Meaning and Payouts




5-Symbol Multiplier

4-Symbol Multiplier

3-Symbol Multiplier


The iconic Cleopatra, Egypt’s last active ruler. The symbol portrays her in intricate details emphasizing her regal prominence.





Representing life, the Ankh is a crucial symbol in ancient Egyptian culture, often seen in art and hieroglyphs.




Eye of Ra

A symbol of protection and power, the Eye of Ra embodies the might of the Sun god and his watchful presence.





The Lotus is synonymous with rebirth and creation in Egyptian mythology, frequently found in architectural designs.





This character, although modern, adds variety to the game. Its graphics blend well with the Egyptian theme.





A stylish rendition of the letter ‘K’, it merges seamlessly with the other symbols, enriching the game’s aesthetic.





The ‘Q’ character brings its own flavor to the game, complementing the Egyptian symbols with its design.





The letter ‘J’ might appear simple, but its intricate design provides a cohesive look with the other game symbols.




Sun of Egypt 2 Bonus Features

Distinguishing itself from the myriad slots available, Sun of Egypt 2’s bonus features promise unparalleled thrill. From intriguing wild symbols to the promise of free spins, it’s a roller-coaster of emotions.

Sun of Egypt 2 Free Spins

Eager to extend their journey, players can trigger up to 8 additional free spins by landing 3 scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 during a free spin. Plus, the bonus game can be activated, multiplying the joy!

Wild Symbol

Appear on reels 2-5 and substitute for all symbols except scatter and bonus. Enhancing winning chances and making gameplay more dynamic.


Land 3 scatter symbols anywhere on reels 2, 3, 4, and trigger 8 free spins, amplifying the excitement manifold.

Bonus Game

A mini-game of fortunes, triggering it requires 6 or more bonus symbols. The game becomes a treasure hunt with bonus symbols sticking and offering various values.


While Mini and Major Jackpots offer x30 and x150 the total bet respectively, collect all 15 Bonus symbols, and the Grand Jackpot, offering a whopping x1000 your bet, awaits!

Sun of Egypt 2 History and Versions

The journey of Sun of Egypt 2 is a fascinating tale of evolution and refinement. The original Sun of Egypt, introduced by 3 Oaks, was hailed as a gaming marvel for its time. Its intoxicating blend of historic allure and modern gameplay ensured its place in the annals of slot gaming legends. Upon its success, 3 Oaks saw the potential to further refine and magnify the player experience, giving birth to Sun of Egypt 2.

Launched on 15th October 2020, Sun of Egypt 2 took the gaming community by storm. While it retained the core essence of the original, the sequel introduced a myriad of advanced features, more intricate storylines, and enhanced bonus rounds. Over the months, minor updates and patches have further streamlined the game, ensuring it remains at the pinnacle of player preferences.

Mobile Compatibility

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, mobile compatibility isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Sun of Egypt 2 shines brilliantly in this domain. The meticulous design ensures a harmonious transition from larger desktop screens to compact mobile ones. Every icon, animation, and transition has been optimized for a plethora of devices, ensuring that the richness of the game is never compromised.

Whether you find solace in the iOS ecosystem or the vast world of Android, Sun of Egypt 2 delivers a consistent experience. With rapid load times, intuitive controls, and minimal battery consumption, the game is tailor-made for on-the-go gaming, ensuring that players have access to the golden sands of Egypt anytime, anywhere.

Animation, Sounds, and Graphics

At its core, a game’s success is profoundly intertwined with its presentation. Sun of Egypt 2 is a masterclass in aesthetic excellence. The visual tapestry is awash with golden hues, intricately designed icons, and fluid animations. Every spin, every win, and every transition feels like a visual treat, a testament to the artists and designers at 3 Oaks.

The acoustic landscape is equally enchanting. The game employs a fine blend of orchestral melodies and traditional Egyptian rhythms, creating an aural environment that’s both nostalgic and exhilarating. From the gentle whispers of the desert wind to the jubilant chimes of a jackpot, the game’s sound design ensures players are sonically immersed from start to finish.


When summarizing Sun of Egypt 2, one is immediately drawn to its impeccable blend of history and modernity. It’s a game that respects its origins while pushing boundaries in gameplay and presentation. Its medium volatility strikes a harmonious balance, appealing to a vast demographic of players. With a rich array of features and bonuses, coupled with its captivating theme, Sun of Egypt 2 doesn’t just offer a game—it promises an adventure.

Author’s Personal Opinion

To be candid, I approached Sun of Egypt 2 with a blend of excitement and skepticism. Its predecessor was a personal favorite, and sequels often grapple with the weight of expectation. My concerns, however, were swiftly laid to rest. 3 Oaks has outdone themselves with this iteration. The visual and aural environment is unparalleled, the gameplay feels both familiar and fresh, and the mobile optimization is the best I’ve witnessed in recent times. Yet, my singular critique remains the symbols. A touch more diversity would elevate this game from exceptional to peerless. As it stands, Sun of Egypt 2 is a gem in the vast desert of slot games, a beacon for others to aspire to.

FAQ in Sun Of Egypt 2

When was Sun of Egypt 2 released?
Sun of Egypt 2 was launched on 15th October 2020 by 3 Oaks.
Is there a major difference between the original Sun of Egypt and its sequel?
While Sun of Egypt 2 retains the core essence of the original, it introduces enhanced features, intricate storylines, and advanced bonus rounds.
Is Sun of Egypt 2 mobile compatible?
Yes, Sun of Egypt 2 has been optimized for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a seamless gaming experience across devices.
What is the theme of Sun of Egypt 2?
The game encapsulates the allure of ancient Egypt, blending historic appeal with modern gameplay elements.
Are there regular updates for the game?
3 Oaks has been known to roll out minor patches and updates to refine the gameplay and introduce new features.
What is the volatility of Sun of Egypt 2?
The game is of medium volatility, making it suitable for a broad range of players.
Can I play Sun of Egypt 2 for free?
Several online platforms offer a demo version, but for a full experience, wagering is typically involved.
How is the sound design of the game?
Sun of Egypt 2 offers an immersive acoustic landscape blending orchestral melodies with traditional Egyptian rhythms.
Are there any in-game purchases?
While the core game doesn't involve in-game purchases, there might be additional features or bonuses that can be bought on specific platforms.
How can I report a bug or give feedback?
Feedback can be directed to 3 Oaks through their official website or the platform where the game is hosted.

Comments by Sun of Egypt 2 Players

Amelia Brown
22 November 2020
I've been a fan since the original Sun of Egypt, and this sequel doesn’t disappoint. Brilliantly executed!
Charles Wilson
5 December 2020
The graphics are absolutely mesmerizing. But, I do wish they had a more detailed tutorial.
Sophia Patel
18 January 2021
Sun of Egypt 2 is the reason I still enjoy slot games. The Egyptian theme is so immersive!
Michael Nguyen
3 February 2021
Mobile optimization is fantastic. It runs smoothly on my Android device.
Clara Martinez
25 February 2021
A perfect balance of modern features and nostalgia from the original game.
Brian O'Conner
10 March 2021
Struggled with a few game features initially, but the support was helpful. Overall, a top-notch game.
Fatima Khan
18 April 2021
I'm in love with the soundtracks. They transport me straight to ancient Egypt!
Lee Jinyoung
27 April 2021
My only gripe is the similarity of some symbols. Otherwise, it’s a 5-star from me.
Henry Adams
2 May 2021
This sequel is proof that 3 Oaks listens to player feedback. They've made an already great game even better.
Mia Rodriguez
22 June 2021
Regular updates have kept the game fresh. Kudos to the team.
Aiden Smith
15 July 2021
Being a professional gamer, I can say that Sun of Egypt 2 is up there with the best slot games.
Isabel Lee
8 August 2021
I wish they had more bonuses. But still, a commendable effort by 3 Oaks.
Benjamin Clark
30 August 2021
Having tried hundreds of slot games, Sun of Egypt 2 easily ranks in my top 10.
Olivia Martin
10 September 2021
The game’s medium volatility is just right for me. Been playing it for months now.
William Taylor
21 September 2021
Hats off to the developers. A game that's both engaging and visually stunning.

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