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Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin Slot Review

Game information

Provider Gamzix
Slot Type Video Slots
Release Date 15-07-2021
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 20 (fixed)
RTP 0,96
Volatility Medium
Minimum Bet (EUR) 0.01
Maximum Bet (EUR) 400
Maximum Win over 5200
Slot Theme Egyptian Slots, Summer Slots, Animal Slots, Pyramids Slots, Gold Slots, Pharaohs Slots
Multiplier 500x
Free Spins No
Bonus Rounds No
Buy Bonus No
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Progressive Jackpot Ingame
Welcome Bonus
200% Up to $/€2000
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Multiple Bonuses
  • Unique Slots
Welcome bonus
Up to 500 €+ 250 Freespins
  • Attractive bonus rewards
  • Quick payment processing
  • Exceptional user interface and experience
Welcome Bonus
Up to $/€1500 + 270 Free Spins
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Loyalty Program
  • 24/7 Live Chat Customer Support
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Up to $/€1600
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Sunny Coin: Hold the Spin Online Slot Review

Ah, the scent of the desert and the allure of hidden treasures. Welcome, dear adventurer, to Sunny Coin: Hold the Spin – a gem from Booming Games that whisks you away to the grandeur of Ancient Egypt. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a modern-day Indiana Jones (minus the snakes), this might just be your game of choice. Teasing with magnificent graphics that bring ancient hieroglyphs to life and action that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this title isn’t just another slot; it’s an experience.

With 5 reels and 20 paylines set against the backdrop of majestic pyramids, this game beautifully balances its enchanting theme with adrenaline-pumping gameplay. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned gamer, Sunny Coin: Hold the Spin promises an adventure like no other. Let’s delve deeper.

Sunny Coin: Hold the Spin Volatility, RTP, and Max Returns


With a medium volatility, Sunny Coin: Hold the Spin is the golden mean of the iGaming world. It ensures a balanced play, making it neither too risky nor too safe. Perfect for those who relish just the right dose of thrill without overly unpredictable swings.


Boasting a commendable RTP of 96%, this title increases your chances of pocketing those coveted wins. It indicates that, theoretically, for every €100 played, the game returns €96 to players over an extended playtime.

Max Win

The allure of a maximum multiplier of x5200 is hard to resist! With the potential for a max exposure of 104000, Sunny Coin invites those who dare to take a shot at life-changing wins. 

Sunny Coin: Hold the Spin Pros and Cons

When you hear of Ancient Egypt, do you think of King Tut’s riches or perhaps the enchanting Cleopatra? The world of Sunny Coin: Hold the Spin immerses players into these legends, all while offering exhilarating gameplay. After chatting with numerous players, here’s a brief on what they loved and what left them wanting:


  • Immersive Graphics: The game’s design captivates with its rich details, bringing the world of pharaohs to life.
  • Bonus Features Galore: From bonus buys to jackpot games, there’s never a dull moment.
  • Adaptable Stakes: With a min bet of €0.1 and max bet of €20, it suits both casual players and high-rollers.


  • Medium Volatility: Some thrill-seekers might miss the adrenaline rush of high volatility games.
  • Theme Familiarity: The Ancient Egyptian theme, albeit beautifully rendered, is commonly found in the world of slots.

Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin Casino Game by Gamzix

From the backstreets of Ancient Egypt to the bustling gambling scene of today, Gamzix’s signature touch permeates the gaming universe. Originating in Estonia, Gamzix has risen to prominence for delivering some of the finest experiences in the iGaming sector.

The company’s roots stretch back to an era when casino games were transitioning from mechanical to digital. With an eye for detail and a pulse on market demands, Gamzix has cultivated a product range that impresses even the most seasoned players. Their blend of artistry and mathematics is well-respected, and they’ve managed to carve a niche for themselves with their intriguing game designs and rewarding mechanics.

And, it’s no secret that this provider has some shiny accolades to its name. Their cupboard boasts awards such as the Best Rising Star Developer 2021 and nominations for the Innovative Slot Mechanism 2022. Such honors are testimony to the consistent excellence they bring to the table.

The Best Casino Software by Gamzix

Dive into the world of Gamzix, and you’re in for a thrilling ride. Primarily known for their video slots, the firm emphasizes high RTPs, ensuring players get a fair shot at winning. Almost every game they churn out comes with a demo version, letting players dip their toes before diving in with real money.

Some of their iconic titles include Pharaoh’s Books, known for its mesmerizing graphics and Golden Sphinx that offers players an adventure into the heart of ancient pyramids. These, combined with the current subject of our discussion, Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin, validate the sheer range and depth Gamzix brings to the gaming world.

Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin Storyline, Theme, and Characters

Transport yourself to the golden sands of Ancient Egypt. As you spin, anticipate tales of grandeur, artifacts of immense value, and the enigmatic charm of a civilization lost in time. Gamzix ensures that this journey isn’t just another spin-fest but an immersive experience filled with stories and characters.

The central character, Cleopatra, bestows blessings and treasures upon those deemed worthy. They represent wealth, prosperity, and the allure of the ancients.

Beyond the aesthetics, the storyline unfolds with each spin. Players will encounter challenges, obstacles, but also opportunities to gain the favor of the gods. The aura, the characters, and the undercurrents of an epic tale make this more than just another game; it’s a passage through time.

Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin Gameplay and Basic Rules

Embarking on this Egyptian escapade is a straightforward affair. To set the ball rolling, choose a bet size – anywhere between €0.1 and €20. With its 5 reels and 3 rows structure, it’s familiar terrain for regular players, but still welcoming to newcomers.

Kick off your session by hitting the spin button. Land a winning combination on any of the 20 paylines, and you’re in for a treat. But, that’s not all. Special symbols and bonus features lurk around every corner, ready to elevate your experience.

For beginners, here’s a brief step-by-step to get you started:

  • Launch the title from your preferred online casino.
  • Adjust your bet size using the plus or minus icons.
  • Press the spin button and wait for the magic.
  • Keep an eye out for special symbols – they’re your ticket to bigger rewards.
  • Use the settings option to adjust game sounds, speed, or any other preferences.

When I tested this title, the gameplay flowed seamlessly, and the intuitive design ensured no unnecessary complications.

Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin Symbols – Meaning and Payouts




5 Matches

4 Matches

3 Matches


The last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra’s allure blends history and captivating graphics. Revel in the legacy of a queen known for her intellect and beauty.





Soaring high is Horus, the god of the sky, war, and hunting. His falcon eyes promise protection, royal power, and a divine gaming experience.





The enchanting Bastet, goddess of home, fertility, and childbirth. Her lioness symbol purrs with ancient charm, beckoning luck and warmth.




Amun Ra

Bask in the golden glory of Amun Ra, the king of gods and the sun deity. His radiant graphics light up the reel, echoing unmatched might.





More than a letter, the ‘A’ resonates with hieroglyphic essence, blending ancient vibes with promising rewards.





The towering ‘K’ stands kingly, hinting at Egypt’s regal past. It’s a letter, a symbol, a key to grand wins.





Behold the queenly ‘Q’, beautifully crafted and ready to lead you to royal victories. Every spin, a chance at a crown.





Jumpstart your jackpot dreams with the ‘J’, echoing ancient treasures and timeless charm. A symbol of hope, a whisper of riches.




Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin Bonus Features

Ah, the cherry on top of every slot experience – bonus features! This title doesn’t hold back in this department. With a medley of bonuses waiting to be triggered, players are in for some sunlit surprises.

But what truly distinguishes this offering from the madding crowd? Its comprehensive yet straightforward bonus features. While many games throw a plethora of confusing bonuses, Gamzix ensures that their features are clear, rewarding, and most importantly, fun!

Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin Free Spins

Everyone loves freebies, and in the world of slots, Free Spins reign supreme. In this adventure, players can amass these precious spins in two ways – through scatter symbols or by directly purchasing them.

The option to buy Free Spins is tailored for the high-rollers and the impatient lot. Depending on your progress on the in-game map and your chosen bet rate, you can procure a fixed number of spins. Once purchased, these spins kick into action instantly, offering you a chance to maximize your rewards without waiting.

Bonus Buy

This feature lets players circumvent the regular route and directly purchase Free Spins. As mentioned, the quantity depends on your map level. After sealing the deal, spins commence at your selected rate. This direct approach can be a game-changer for those looking to escalate the thrill.

Bonus Game

This is where the title truly shines! Land six or more coins, and you trigger this bonus round. Coins stick to their positions, and players are granted three respins. Every fresh coin resets this respin count, and by the round’s end, the coin values combine for a hefty payout. Both the main game and Free Spins can usher in this lucrative phase.

Jackpot Game

While the Bronze, Silver, and Gold jackpots are dished out randomly, the Platinum jackpot demands a bit more effort. Amass 15 coins during the Bonus Game, and this mammoth reward is yours to claim!

Wild Symbol

In line with traditional slot mechanics, the Wild here replaces all other symbols, save for the scatter. This little trick can transform a near-miss into a winning combo.

Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin History and Version

When Gamzix first introduced Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin to the iGaming world in late 2020, it was a diamond in the rough. Capturing the allure of Ancient Egypt, the initial version was a straightforward slot with basic graphics and 10 paylines. Its promise, however, was unmistakable.

Feedback from early players led to the 2021 release of a revamped version. Now with 20 paylines and the game-changing Hold The Spin feature, it quickly became a favorite. Graphics were enhanced, capturing the imaginations of players who journeyed to the heart of pyramids with every spin.

Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin Mobile Experience

In today’s digital age, mobility is key. Recognizing this, Gamzix has optimized ‘Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin’ for mobile play. Whether you’re on an Android or an iPhone, the game adjusts flawlessly to your screen size, ensuring no compromise on quality. The touch interface is intuitive, making spins and setting adjustments a breeze. So, whether you’re curled up on your couch or waiting in a queue, this Egyptian escapade is just a tap away.

Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin Graphics and Sound

Now, what’s a game without the right ambiance? Gamzix has woven an audio-visual tapestry that truly complements the game’s theme. The graphics are sharp, vibrant, and filled with nuances that showcase Ancient Egyptian culture in its prime. From the golden hue that bathes the game to the meticulous details in symbols, the design is truly a feast for the eyes.

On the auditory front, the game strikes the perfect chord. The soundtrack, an evocative blend of traditional Egyptian music infused with modern beats, heightens the tension and drama of the game. Every spin, win, or feature activation comes with a sound that complements the action on screen.

Final Verdict

If you’re in the mood for an Egyptian odyssey sprinkled with gold and laden with features, this game is your ticket. Gamzix has once again showcased their prowess in crafting a slot game that’s both entertaining and rewarding. The plethora of features ensures that there’s never a dull moment, and the narrative keeps players hooked.

In the vast desert of slot games, ‘Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin’ is an oasis of fun. So, gear up, adventurer! The golden sands of Egypt and its treasures await!

Author’s Personal Opinion

My name is Daniel McReyonlds. I’m a senior iGaming Expert. With over a decade of diving into the iGaming sector’s intricacies, I’ve played my fair share of slots. Some dazzled momentarily, while others managed to etch a more lasting impression. Among the myriad of options, ‘Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin’ stands out. Gamzix’s endeavor isn’t just another slot game; it’s an experience.

The Ancient Egyptian theme, though not novel, has been reimagined and revitalized. The graphics are rich and immersive, often making me feel like an archaeologist uncovering the secrets of a long-forgotten civilization.

A slight hiccup? The card symbols. Given the theme’s richness, I felt there was room for more thematic depth instead of the usual 10, J, Q, K, and A, albeit stylized.

However, the robust set of bonus features and that tantalizing Platinum jackpot make up for any thematic shortcomings. It’s not every day that you come across a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat, spin after spin.

FAQ in Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin

How many paylines does Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin offer?
It boasts 20 paylines, offering multiple chances to nab that winning combination.
Is there a free spins feature in the game?
Absolutely! The Pyramid Scatter can unlock free spins for you, making the game even more thrilling.
What's the RTP for Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin?
The game has a default RTP of 96%, aligning well with industry standards.
Can I play the game on my mobile?
Yes, Gamzix has optimized the game for both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.
What's the game's maximum exposure?
The game's max exposure is a staggering 104000.
Is there a progressive jackpot feature?
While the game has multiple jackpots (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum), it doesn’t have a progressive jackpot.
Can I buy the free spins feature?
Certainly! The game allows players to purchase free spins, letting you jump straight into the action.
How volatile is the game?
With a medium volatility, it strikes a balance between frequent small wins and rarer, larger payouts.
What's the betting range?
You can start with as low as €0.1 and go up to €20 per spin.
How does the Bonus Game work?
Land six or more Sunny Coins, and you trigger the Bonus Game, complete with respins and potential big wins.

Comments by Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin Players

Dave Robertson
July 20 2021
Been playing slots for years, and this one? Pure gold. Those coins ain't just sunny; they're blazing!
Carmen Velez
August 8 2021
A roller coaster of emotions! Those bonus rounds? Heart-stoppingly good.
Lee Kwang-Soo
October 15 2021
The visuals are stunning. Felt like I was in the heart of Egypt.
Emily Patterson
November 3 2021
This game needs more recognition. It's a hidden gem!
Oscar Diaz
December 24 2021
Holiday jackpot? Yes, please! This game made my Christmas.
Priya Ramesh
January 10 2022
Could use more thematic symbols, but still a fave!
Benjamin Clarke
February 14 2022
My Valentine's Day date? Sunny Coin. And boy, was she generous!
Linda O'Reilly
March 28 2022
I'd love to see a sequel. Maybe a journey deeper into the pyramids?
Mohammed Al-Bakr
April 22 2022
A slot that keeps on giving. Those bonus features are everything!
Sophie Turner
June 5 2022
Been on a losing streak lately, but this game turned things around. Thank you, Sunny Coin!
Lucas Gomez
June 29 2022
A masterclass in slot design. Kudos, Gamzix!
Fatima Hassan
July 15 2022
Happy one year, Sunny Coin! Here's to many more spins.
Hiroshi Tanaka
October 2 2022
The sound design is hauntingly beautiful. It's like music to my ears, literally.
Aria Montgomery
February 5 2023
Been recommending this to all my friends. If you're reading this, PLAY IT!
Mikhail Borodin
July 28 2023
Sunny Coin is definitely a game to try! Love its bonus game.

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