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Colossal Reels Slots

There is no shortage of innovative slot machine configurations, and one of the most engaging ones you’ll come across is the colossal reels slots. These games provide an intriguing twist on a traditional play process. They have massive reel setups, rewarding features, and engrossing themes. This type of slot machine is becoming increasingly popular among seasoned and novice gamblers.

In most casino games, you’ll see a standard grid, often comprising five reels with three or four rows. But the colossal reels are, as the name suggests, colossal. They typically offer a twin-reel setup – a main 5×4 reel set accompanied by a colossal 5×12 reel set. That’s a whopping 100 paylines in total, significantly more than the usual 20–30 lines you find in regular games.

This larger than life setup not only increases the potential winning combinations but also makes the gameplay more immersive and exciting. The visual impact of two spinning reel sets side by side is undeniably impressive.

What Are Colossal Reels Slots?

Colossal Reels Slot Machines

Colossal reels slot machines, created by the game makers at WMS (Williams Interactive), put a fresh, big spin on classic games. In a nutshell, these slots have two sets of reels – a main one and an extra-large one. The main one generally has a 3×3 reel grid, while the extra-large one typically boasts a bigger 5×12 grid. So, you’re looking at more symbols, more lines to win, and ultimately, more opportunities to hit the jackpot and win real money.

Another aspect that makes colossal reels slots popular is their vast selection of themes. These games come in a variety of appealing themes ranging from ancient civilizations like Spartacus Gladiator of Rome, to magical adventures such as Giant’s Gold, and even popular culture themes like KISS: Shout It Out Loud!. Each of these themes is enhanced with great graphics and sound effects.

Features of Colossal Reels Slots

Before starting playing colossal reels slots free online, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the key features that set these games apart. These innovative features, designed to maximize the player’s engagement and winning opportunities, are the heart and soul of slots. You can try their larger-than-life dynamics to significantly increase your chances to get real money and provide a fresh take on traditional gameplay. Let’s explore these features in detail.

Colossal Reels Slots Free Online

  • Stacked Wilds

The Colossal Reels slots are well-known for their Stacked Wilds feature. If the player lands a full stack of wilds on any of the main reel set, it’s transferred to the Colossal Reel set, filling the corresponding reel entirely with wilds. This mechanic dramatically increases the chances of hitting big wins.

  • Free Spins

Like any other slot game, free spins play a crucial role in these types of slots. Players can earn free spins, typically between 8 and 20, by landing scatter symbols. Depending on the specific game, these free spins might come with a multiplier, which can significantly enhance the winnings.

  • Transferring Wilds

When a wild stack appears on the main reel set, the wilds transfer over to the corresponding reel on the colossal reel set, covering it entirely. This feature boosts the player’s chances of completing multiple paylines and thereby enhancing the potential for substantial winnings.

Best Colossal Reels Slots

Spartacus Gladiator of Rome

Get into the well-known WMS colossal reels. An immersive slot awaits, with combat sounds and Roman symbols setting the scene. Spartacus himself is the highest paying symbol, promising glory to those who confront him. It has no downland feature if you’re playing at online casinos. A stack of the game’s wild symbol, the game’s logo, will transfer to the colossal reel for considerable winnings. All winning paylines contribute to your prize, and soon you’ll be basking in the gold from your battles.

Giant’s Gold

What could fit the colossal slots better than a Jack and the Beanstalk theme? Bask in the tranquility of farm life, accompanied by animal sounds, while hunting for the golden egg. Climb the beanstalk for your giant reward. The beanstalk symbol doubles as a wild and top paying symbol. If you can get a stack of wilds, the rewards will be plentiful. All players can enjoy the game by adjusting the paylines and bet amount, each having the chance to trigger the exciting bonus round. You can play colossal reels slots free in some casinos with demo mode. It helps you to practice and understand the game better.

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold

WMS isn’t alone in developing colossal reels games. Barcrest, another renowned developer, is part of SG Interactive and creates splendid games like the Rainbow Riches series. This slot is the colossal reels version in the popular series. Three or more balloon bonus symbols trigger the free spins, and more symbols mean more chances and spins. When the spins are used up, you can gamble your winnings for a larger prize.

Li’l Red Riches

WMS colossal reels also venture into fairy tale themes. The grown-up Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to her grandmother’s house. Aid her in her safe journey, encountering familiar characters, and striving to reach the cottage.

Kiss: Shout It Out Loud

Ready to rock with the world’s wildest band? Kiss: Shout It Out Loud boosts the colossal reel slot machines’ fun with a rock concert atmosphere. Enjoy the dazzling effects and cheering crowd as you gather bonus symbols. The wild symbol is also the highest paying one, making it incredibly valuable. Jam to the great rock soundtrack as you spin, with guitars and drums accenting your wins. All this fun and excitement lead to a final reward performance.

Providers and Their Colossal Reels Slots


Williams Interactive, better known as WMS, has been at the forefront of fruit machine development since the early 90s. Originally known for its pinball machines, WMS shifted to casino gaming where it has made a significant impact. The company is renowned for its innovation and creativity, which is particularly evident in its colossal reels slots.

One of the most popular of these is Spartacus Gladiator of Rome. This top game features two sets of reels – a standard five-reel set and a colossal five by 12 reel set, offering a thrilling and unique gameplay experience. Another notable colossal reels slot from WMS is Giant’s Gold, which also features 100 paylines spread across two sets of reels.


Established in Austria in 1980, Novomatic has since become a global force in the gambling industry. Known for its high-quality software and diverse game portfolio, Novomatic’s contributions to the industry are hard to understate. While the company does not currently offer a colossal reels slot, its portfolio includes many standout titles that showcase its innovative approach to slot design.

Colossal Reels Slots Free

Blueprint Gaming

Blueprint Gaming, a UK-based company, is known for creating exciting and immersive games with unique mechanics. As a member of the German Gauselmann Group, they have a strong pedigree in the gaming industry. Blueprint’s games are known for their high-definition graphics and creative bonus features.

Blueprint’s Worms Reloaded is an excellent example of their innovative design philosophy, although it does not fall under the colossal reels category. While we eagerly anticipate Blueprint incorporating colossal reels into their future releases, they continue to impress with their current innovative products.


Headquartered in London, iSoftBet is known for creating premium online and mobile casino games. The company focuses on creating games that are not only visually stunning but also offer engaging gameplay mechanics. Many of their titles you can play for fun without spending your real money.

iSoftBet’s game suite does not currently feature colossal reels slots. However, they continually innovate, and their offerings like Neptune’s Fortune Megaways demonstrate their commitment to unique, exciting gameplay.


Barcrest, a UK-based company, has been creating slot machines since the 1960s. Now a part of Scientific Games, Barcrest continues to provide high-quality, engaging games. Barcrest’s Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold is a popular colossal reels slot. It features magical themes, a standard five-reel set, and a colossal five by 12 reel set, making for an exciting and unique game.

Colossal Reels Slot Machines FAQ

How Do Colossal Reels Slot Machines Work?
In Colossal slots, you win by matching symbols across active paylines. You can bet on both reel sets, and any symbols that appear stacked on the main reel set can transfer over to the colossal reel set, increasing your chances of winning.
How Do I Increase My Winning Chances?
Like all slot machines, outcomes are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), so there is no surefire strategy to guarantee a win. However, since there are more paylines in Colossal Reels slots, you can potentially increase your winning chances by betting on more paylines.
Are There Different Themes Available?
Absolutely. They come in a wide variety of themes, from historical epochs to popular culture themes, enhancing the entertainment factor and providing an engaging gaming experience.
Can I Play These Video Slots for Free?
Yes, many online casinos offer demo versions of their games, including Colossal reels slots. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics before playing with real money.
Are There Bonus Features?
Yes, most of them have bonus features such as free spins and multipliers, which are typically triggered by scatter symbols. These bonus features can significantly increase your winnings.
What Is the Biggest Win Possible on Colossal Reels Slot Machines?
The maximum win varies from game to game. It can be a fixed amount or a multiplier of your bet. Check the game's paytable for specific information.

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